Paul McCartney pubblica 8 vinili colorati – Archive Collection


Dall’archivio di Paul McCartney 8 titoli in edizione limitata vinile a colori da 180g. dal 17 novembre -2017 –

Paul McCartney offrirà agli appassionati un’altra opportunità per completare le proprie collezioni il 17 novembre 2017. Tale data vedrà le ristampe delle etichette MPL / Capitol / UMe dei primi otto titoli Archive Collection  in formato LP a 180 grammi in vinile colorato  in edizione limitata. Tutti i LP vinili nell’Archivio Archivio dispongono di una scheda di download e opere d’arte completamente restaurate. I titoli ei corrispondenti colori in vinile in sono i seguenti:

Paul McCartney: McCartney – Rosso  /  Paul and Linda McCartney: RAM – Giallo / Paul McCartney & 8Wings: Band on the Run – Bianco / Wings: Venus And Mars – Giallorosso / Wings: At The Speed Of Sound – Arancione  / Paul McCartney: McCartney II – Trasparente / Paul McCartney: Tug of War – Blue / Paul McCartney: Pipes of Peace – Argento.

La riedizione del  The Paul McCartney Archive era stato precedentemente pubblicato il 2 novembre 2010 con l’album di Paul McCartney & Wings   “Band On the Run” del 1973 Il disco che ha vinto il Grammy Award 2010 per il Miglior Album Storico, mentre il set di Deluxe Edition Box dell’Archivio  del 1976   Wings Over America ha vinto il Grammy 2013 per il Miglior Package Special Edition Limited.



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The Lovely Linda
That Would Be Something
Valentine Day
Every Night
Hot As Sun / Glasses
Man We Was Lonely
Oo You
Momma Miss America
Teddy Boy
Singalong Junk
Maybe I’m Amazed

Too Many People
3 Legs
Ram On
Dear Boy
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
Smile Away
Heart Of The Country
Monkberry Moon Delight
Eat At Home
Long Haired Lady
Ram On [reprise]The Back Seat Of My Car

Band on the Run
Band On The Run
Mrs. Vandebilt
Let Me Roll It
No Words
Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five

Venus and Mars
Venus And Mars
Rock Show
Love In Song
You Gave Me The Answer
Magneto And Titanium Man
Letting Go
Venus And Mars [reprise]Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
Medicine Jar
Call Me Back Again
Listen To What The Man Said
Treat Her Gently – Lonely Old People

At The Speed of Sound
Let ‘Em In
The Note You Never Wrote
She’s My Baby
Beware My Love
Wino Junko
Silly Love Songs
Cook Of The House
Time To Hide
Must Do Something About It
San Ferry Anne
Warm And Beautiful

McCartney II
Coming Up
Temporary Secretary
On The Way
Nobody Knows
Front Parlour
Summer’s Day Song
Frozen Jap
Bogey Music
One Of These Days

Tug of War
Tug Of War
Take It Away
Somebody Who Cares
What’s That You’re Doing
Here Today
Ballroom Dancing
The Pound Is Sinking
Get It
Be What You See
Dress Me Up As A Robber
Ebony And Ivory

Pipes of Peace
Pipes Of Peace
Say Say Say
The Other Me
Keep Under Cover
So Bad
The Man
Sweetest Little Show
Average Person
Hey Hey
Tug Of Peace
Through Our Love



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