Alexandra Richards recalls touring with legend (Keith) as a kid


Alexandra Richards may have been raised in a small town in Connecticut, but her life has been far from ordinary.

Her mother is supermodel Patti Hansen and her dad is Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. She spent her childhood both attending public school and going on tour around the world. At 14, she kicked off her modeling career and landed her first major campaign with Tommy Hilfiger. Once her career skyrocketed, she became a sought-after DJ in the New York City club scene.(Excerpt from Foxnews, to read the full article click here)

Today, the 34-year-old wants to rescue our oceans. Richards is a board member of Project Zero, an organization that aims to raise global awareness on the importance of protecting our oceans, as well as igniting change. Some of its ambassadors include Princess Eugenie, Slash, Liv Tyler, Laird Hamilton and Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein, among others. Mick Jagger’s son James Jagger also serves on the board.

Fox News: When did you first realize Keith Richards was different from other dads?
Alexandra Richards: I wouldn’t say it was something that you just woke up and you had that feeling. You know he’s a legend in most people’s eyes, but for me, I grew up in a very private background with the same kids from school. I didn’t really notice it. My dad’s just dad *laughs*.

Fox News: Growing up, you went on tour with your family. What was that like?
Richards: I have to say we were just truly blessed to be able to pick up and go see different countries in the world and what they were going through, or explore [things]like food and culture at such a young eye. It really was eye-opening rather than maybe [just]sitting in a classroom – actually going and experiencing life.

Fox News: What’s your favorite memory from those travels?
Richards: It has been awhile… I hope they get to go back on the road soon. I guess it was that family sense. It was kind of like a family reunion. It’s funny because I have my mom’s side, which is very homey. It’s like our home family. And then we go on tour with dad, and it was a different kind of family. It was, yes, wild. And we got to travel and experience all of these new places together. So I think, to me, that’s kind of funny because it was kind of juggling two different kinds of words but very blessed to have both.

Fox News: You’re a DJ. What drew you to that world?
Richards: Modeling was starting to slow down and I was at art school. I had two friends of mine who were DJs and in New York and really into that kind of scene… I was very shy and practicing being more of an extrovert. So for me, being in the DJ booth, I could be kind of social when I wanted to be, but then retract into the music that I like to play. And then getting a whole bunch of people to dance was just a perfect fit for me.

Considering their dad is legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and their mom is supermodel Patti Hansen, it’s no surprise that Theodora and Alexandra Richards are style stars in their own right.(Source NYP)


patti hansen

“I wouldn’t say that they taught us about fashion — it was more that they showed us,” Alexandra, 32, told Page Six Style. “They’re both iconic in different ways, and their styles differ sometimes, but they’re always comfortable and confident in what they wear. It’s more about how you feel in the clothes, not letting the clothes wear you.”

It doesn’t hurt that she and Theodora, 34, sometimes get to shop their parents’ closets.

“My dad is known for his amazing, flamboyant shirts on tour, and every once in awhile I’ll get to choose from one of them,” Alexandra revealed. “They’re nice and flowy and super colorful, so great to wear at night during the summer.”keith

“She’s got all of Mom’s old Gucci as well,” Theodora added.

The sisters’ vintage style savvy is on full display in their new campaign for What Goes Around Comes Around’s collaboration with eBay. In the “Peace, Luxe and Rock and Roll”-themed images, the models pose in an array of past-decade designer finds from Chanel, Dior, Hermès and more, so naturally, there were “more than a few things” they were tempted to snatch from the set, according to Theodora.

“For me, it was the Pucci dress,” she recalled. “I’m definitely not a gown type of girl, but I’m always drawn to these big, over-the-top dresses; you can wear them with sneakers to dress them down.”

As for Alexandra’s pick? “Leather pants, all the way,” she said with a laugh. “In the shoot, I actually wore these fringed suede ones that are quite magical. They just kind of swish when you move around. Great for dancing, and so rock and roll.”

For those not quite ready to shimmy into a pair of leather trousers, there’s always vintage denim. “You know that movie ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?’ I do think there’s a pair of jeans out there for everyone,” Theodora said. “So I think it’s worth it to go and try on 50 pairs to find that perfect cut.”

Recently engaged Alexandra knows a thing or two about comparison shopping, having just wrapped up her search for the perfect wedding dress — a process she called “amazing and kind of torturous at the same time.”

“I never really envisioned what I wanted to look like on the day; I guess the little hint I could give is ‘classic,’ classic beauty. I went for something in that realm. There have been so many times I had pictures on my phone and my fiancé [filmmaker Jacques Naude]looks over and I’m like, ’s—t,’ trying to scroll by [so he]can’t see it,” she said. “It’s been such a journey and so much fun to plan, and it’s coming up!

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