Alice Cooper Runs for President and Releases His 2020 Campaign Video


Alice Cooper is the latest musician to be running for the presidency in 2020, satirically that is. The rock star released a new campaign video  “Elected,” originally released in 1972.

The new visual sees Cooper announcing  “candidacy” following a wild party afterward. The campaign platform speaks volumes: “I can do nothing as well as they can do nothing.” Check out the track below.

“Elected” was the first single from Cooper’s iconic sixth studio album, Billion Dollar Babies.

I know a lot of guys are quitting, but a lot of guys still smoke and drink. They’re probably tired. I’m not tired. People always say, ‘Well, you could just play golf every day,’ and I say, ‘I play golf every day anyway!’”

Back in 2015, Cooper opened for Mötley Crüe for their final tour, while there’s rumours he may also open for KISS on their 2019 tour. Cooper released his most recent album, ‘Paranormal’, in July 2017.

Speaking to New York radio station Q103, Cooper was asked whether he’d consider retirement now he’s in his 70s.

“I’ve always said this: If we do a tour and nobody shows up, then I’m retired. That’s never happened,” he said.

“In fact, we’re doing better business now than we’ve ever done. More people are coming to the show now, and I’ve never felt better, so I don’t see any reason to retire at all.



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