Tony Iommi, Robert Plant, Peter Frampton reunited at Nashville airport


 Black Sabbath Online ‘s Joe Siegler has shared a photo of BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi and LED ZEPPELIN singer Robert Plant hanging out together at the Nashville airport

They were apparently coincidentally both flying home from there at the same time. The duo appear to be looking at something on Iommi’s phone while an oblivious group of people are seated behind them waiting for their boarding call.

Tony confirmed in a December 5 social media post that he had just returned from Nashville, writing: “I’ve had a great time in Nashville this week visiting Gibson. Thanks to Cesar for the invite, the company is in safe hands!”

In a 2005 interview with Sirius Satellite Radio, Iommi revealed that he has studio tapes of BLACK SABBATH jamming with LED ZEPPELIN during the mid-1970s.

“BLACK SABBATH used to jam with LED ZEPPELIN all the time.” Iommi said. “We’d be trying to rehearse and they’d come interrupt us. I’ve got some tapes floating around the house.”

Tony Iommi  in a recent interview for the Sabbath’s anniversary , recalls some anecdotes from the past

“Suddenly i was in a band called Black Sabbath who half the country thought were satanists”  (Tony Iommi –


“Once a prank gone wrong in which we tossed a bucket’s worth of alcohol onto drummer Bill Ward. The prank went wrong when Ward immediately burst into flames — for reasons that are still unclear. “It soaked third-degree burns into his legs,”  .

On reading about Ozzy’s latest antics in the tabloids: “It’s nonsense, to be honest. You never know what’s coming. God knows what I’ll read about him next – probably that he’s pregnant.”

“Why Do I always wear black? I once walked into the pub in a blue shirt and never heard the last of it. “Where’s all your black stuff? You can’t come in here like that.” It was like I’d done a murder.The cross onstage? I’ve had it 40-odd years and never been onstage without it. It’s a lucky charm. We all had one. Ozzy’s still got his. Bill’s is in a box. Geezer lost his at the Aston Villa ground.”



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