Lana Del Rey interview Elton John


Lana Del Rey has just proven you can interview your bestie after hanging out with the icon that is Elton John. 

The Video Games hitmaker dropped by the legend’s house in Beverly Hills where he resides with his husband David Furnish and their two sons, Elijah, six, and Zachary, eight. (Source – Rolling Stone)

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Meantime Elton John was forced to postpone his show in Indianapolis on Saturday after the star was struck by illness.



While discussing the singer’s new memoir, Me: Elton John, the duo delved deep into their thoughts on the current music scene, and who they think is standing out among the crowd. Honestly, their chat, which was exclusively for Rolling Stone, was like going for a catch up with your BFF – and we can’t say we’re not jealous.

Asking Elton if he thinks there could be another revival of the Frank Zappa and Ray Charles era, Lana was met with pure sadness. Though the 72-year-old was only stating what many of us have been thinking for years – the golden days of music are well and truly over. She got the inside scoops from Elton (Picture: Ryan McGinley/Rolling Stone)

He said: ‘I wish. It would be fantastic. But I don’t think there are the great musicians around that there were in those days. I’m talking about the greats. ‘Also, it’s about the era you were living in, the drugs that were available, the feeling of community, the feeling of love and togetherness. I think that all contributed to it.’

The Honky Cat hitmaker stated that 90% of the new material he listens to for his radio show Rocket Hour is ‘horrible’. ‘I’ve always said to Ed Sheeran, “Why don’t you go out and play those songs with a band?”’ he expressed: ‘These f**king girls from Nashville: Brandi Carlile or Maren Morris, the Highwomen, these girls are on a mission.’ But it’s not all bad, as there was a glimmer of hope with newcomers Billie Eilish and Kacey Musgraves.






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