Dream job on offer working in Paul McCartney’s childhood home


The National Trust is looking for a new custodian to look after the house where 100 Beatles hits were written

The National Trust is advertising for a new custodian for the childhood home of Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney. (sources: Liverpool echo, National Trust.org, Inews)

The hunt is now on for someone to take over the care of 20 Forthlin Road, and act as a guide for the thousands of people who visit the South Liverpool property every year.

Simon Osborne, General Manager of the National Trust’s Liverpool properties said: “It’s very sad to see Sylvia go, she’s been such a brilliant representative for the National Trust, and has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people through the house,


“She is only the second person to look after Forthlin Road in all the years the Trust has owned it, so these jobs don’t come up very often.”

The National Trust also owns John Lennon’s childhood home, Mendips – where Sylvia’s husband Colin, is custodian.

(you can see Macca’s house on the clip below)

The Beatles star lived at 20 Forthlin Road in the Allerton area of the city from the age of 13 to 22, and about 100 Beatles songs were composed there.

John Lennon lived at Mendips, a 1930s semi-detached house in Woolton with his aunt, Mimi, from the age of five to 22. The National Trust also owns the property, which Ms Hall’s husband Colin is reportedly custodian.

The Trust said it wants someone with an “accurate historical knowledge” to bring the early years of Sir Paul and John Lennon to life.

“’I’m always very aware I represent the McCartney family,” Ms Hall told the BBC. “I am very careful to do lots of research. You get questions thrown at you. ‘Where is Paul’s mum buried? What type of tobacco did Paul’s dad Jim smoke in his pipe?’

”Paul McCartney has been a daily part of my life for eight years.”




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  1. Wayne Pitty on

    And I hear that Paul McCartney will son be releasing the movie / Documentary film “Let it Be”
    to the public. I remember going to the Drive-In theater back in May or June 1970 to watch!
    It was awesome to see my favorite Band up close and personal. Like I was there watching them rehearse!
    I didn’t like that small argument between Paul & George. But, they were like brothers and brothers often fight
    but within a short time, back to being brothers LOL

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