Bob Dylan has another big deal in his future


Dylan could also have another deal in his future that’s half as big. Dylan owns all of his master recordings, sources with knowledge of his deals tell Billboard, and he has been licensing them to Sony Music Entertainment since he regained ownership at some point in the 1980s.(excerpt from Billboard, to read he full article click Here)

Dylan received a big advance in his most recent licensing deal, according to those sources, which likely means that Sony controls the masters until that money is recouped. When it is, Dylan could also sell these rights — in a deal that could be worth another $200 million, according to standard industry valuations.

Dylan’s recordings generated about $5 million in the U.S. in 2019, Billboard estimates, and iconic rock artists usually make about half their revenue in other countries. So the total revenue could add up to between $12 million and $13 million once synchronization and neighboring rights are included.

Annual revenue as publishing assets, those prices are also rising — to about 12 to 15 times “net label share,” or the money left after deducting royalties, production costs, manufacturing and distribution. That implies a value of almost $200 million.

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