Bob Dylan, T Bone Burnett With Poo Bear’s Americana


Bob Dylan and T Bone Burnett are collaborating with Americana group Bear and a Banjo on their new eight-song project, Variety reports. Dylan contributed lyrics to the project’s “Gone But Not Forgotten.” The project is due in early 2019.

Bob Dylan- Bear and a Banjo is a two-man band of Jared Gutstadt, the cofounder of production company Jingle Punks and hitmaker Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd. The duo are also planning a podcast that complements the songs. The eight songs were co-written and recorded by Poo Bear and produced by Burnett. The music was tracked in an Airstream trailer housed in Gutstadt’s backyard.

“T Bone Burnett, who is truly the Alan Lomax of our time, is a musicologist and an interpreter of folk traditions as pop culture, as with his work with the Coen brothers, and Bob Dylan’s ‘Rolling Thunder Review,’” says Gutstadt, citing in addition to those inspirations the book “The Old, Weird America: The World of Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes,”

Recently  Kanye West appealed to Bob Dylan on Twitter
“Let’s get together”: Is Kanye West reaching out to Bob Dylan for a collaboration?
Rapper reaches out blindly on Twitter to the songwriting legend for reasons that are currently unclear- Sure is that political ideas are not properly really close.
You never know what you’re going to get from Kanye West’s Twitter account on a daily basis. Just a few hours after posting videos ga

llivanting through the forest and a photo of a crocodile, Yeezy then put the idea of getting together with Bob Dylan into the universe through a simple tweet on Wednesday (Dec. 12).

A Reddit thread shrewdly pointed out that West alienating a portion of his fanbase with his political aspirations is comparable to the “Blowin’ in the Wind” artist’s stark career pivot in the ’60s from folk to electric guitar and Christian music. “I don’t know if Kanye has a lot to say about Bob Dylan — but I bet he’d be right up the dudes alley, as far as ideological inquisitiveness goes,” the user contested.




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