Bob Dylan Talks About Paul McCartney and plays Yesterday


Dylan: “I  knew the Beatles at the very beginning … I met all four of them … Nowadays it’s hard to find a better singer than Paul McCartney was, and how much is still today … I feel awe of McCartney is perhaps the only one to whom I feel awe.”

Dylan recalss:.” He can do it all and he’s never let up, you know. He’s got the gift for melody, he’s got the rhythm. He can play any instrument. He can scream and shout as good as anybody and he can sing the ballad as good as anybody, you know so…

And his melodies are, you know, effortless. That’s what you have to be in awe… I’m in awe of him maybe just because he’s just so damn effortless. I mean I just wish he’d quit, you know. [laughs]Just everything and anything that comes out of his mouth is just framed in a melody, you know …”

Bob Dylan and George Harrison got together 1st of May in 1970 in New York city while both were busy on solo projects. Bob Dylan released two albums that year, Self Portrait and New Morning, and George Harrison was working on On Things Must Pass. It’s hard to say exactly what these sessions are. Some songs wound up on both of their LP’s, they recorded a Paul McCartney tune…

McCartney said: “I could feel myself climbing a spiral walkway as I was talking to Dylan. I felt like I was figuring it all out, the meaning of life.” He explained how he ordered Beatles roadie Mal Evans, who was also in the room to find a piece of paper.dylan

McCartney continued: “I was going ‘I’ve got it!’ and wrote down the key to it all on this piece of paper. I told Mal ‘You keep this piece of paper, make sure you don’t lose it, because the meaning of life is on there. Mal gave me the piece of paper the next day, and on it was written ‘There are seven levels.’ Well, there you go, the meaning of life…” (Source NME)

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