Pink Floyd and David Bowie perform in honour of Syd Barett


In May 2006, as part of his On an Island Tour, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour created a surprise supergroup for a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. With Pink Floyd founding member Richard Wright back on the keyboard, Gilmour introduced surprise guest David Bowie.

The Starman joined the group on stage for a rendition of Pink Floyd’s debut single ‘Arnold Layne’ which was originally released in 1967 and largely composed by the late great Syd Barett. It was such an inspiration for Bowie he would even name a band after the track.(FAROUTMAGAZINE)

In what has been seen by many fans as a tribute to the founding member Syd Barrett—who not only wrote the song but named the band and was the original lead singer in the group before Gilmour’s introduction as his replacement following a spiralling substance abuse problem.

In 2006, Gilmour asked Bowie to take the lead on the inspirational song. The ‘Fame’ singer took to the mic and said: “I hope I warrant that,” as the crowd erupted into a standing ovation for the charming chameleon of rock.

The track is said to be built around a transvestite, who, the rumour has it, enjoyed the hobby of stealing women’s clothing and underwear from washing lines. It was such an influential idea for Bowie that when he created a design-focused side project in the seventies he named it Arnold Corns in homage to the track. Perhaps something about the androgynous mischief-maker in the song connected with Bowie.’ has finally been released on major streaming platforms today (May 15). The record was previously only available to listen to on the now defunct BowieNet

The record is one of three remastered live Bowie albums that are set to be released digitally over the coming months.

‘’ was originally only available to listen to if you subscribed to Bowie’s innovative but now defunct ISP BowieNet, and the record didn’t receive a subsequent commercial release after it debuted on the online platform in November 1999.

Just two days ago, David Bowie’s Daughter, 19,shared message about social distancing

David Bowie’s Daughter Lexi Jones, 19, Says She Hasn’t Seen Mom Iman in 6 Months. (read below)


Since she’s living in New York City, the fashion icon’s daughter has been unable to travel to see her mom in months due to coronavirus.

The 19-year-old posted a Mother’s Day tribute to her supermodel mom, 64, where she said that since they live on opposite sides of the country, she’s been unable to leave to visit due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Happy mothers day again here’s another w me holding a chikkken nugget. everyone pls stay inside I haven’t seen my mom for 6 months because we live on opposite coasts and it is very difficult to leave ny right now but I’m a child and i miss her dearly so pls be party poopers this one time so it doesn’t take 2 f—ing years to see her again thank you!” Jones wrote alongside a photo of her young self next to Iman.



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