Bowie:New 160-page graphic novel illustrates the life of rock rhero


Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams’ Chronicles Life and Death of Ziggy Stardust

Insight Comics will release a full-length graphic novel chronicling David Bowie’s ascent from obscurity to otherworldly fame. Artist Michael Allred (Sandman) joins forces with writer Steve Horton (Amala’s Blade) and colorist Laura Allred (Madman) to capture Bowie’s life through illustrations just as vibrant and fantastical as the man himself. 

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Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moorage Daydreams is a story of reinvention, following Bowie as he emerges from his ordinary life as David Jones and into the exploding rock scene of mid-Sixties London.

Recently The Madness have just gone and dropped their first ever book, Before We Was We, where they spill the tea on their rise to fame.(

According to the group, the Heroes hitmaker stole the drum riff from their track My Girl when writing his own classic: Ashes To Ashes. Discussing how he felt when finding out the news, drummer Woody Woodgate joked he was ‘p***ed off’, and we don’t blame him! In an extract taken from the band’s memoir, he said: ‘Years later, Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley produced Absolute Beginners for David Bowie, and Clive told me a story that Bowie had told him about Ashes to Ashes, which came out only a few months after My Girl.

‘Bowie had said that he’d been looking for a drummer to do the My Girl beats on Ashes to Ashes and he couldn’t find one that had the same feeling as me. ‘He’d said, “There’s something about the feel that’s really great, and none of the American drummers could do it.” Clive went to me, “Woody, you do realise that if you put Ashes to Ashes up against My Girl, it’s exactly the same?”‘ The star continued: ‘Anyway, it kind of inflated my ego and p***ed me off at the same time. I thought, “David Bowie could have f***ing asked me!”‘ Mike Barson, who plays the keys, chimed in and joked: ‘Well, I don’t want to tell you about what I stole off Bowie!bowie

‘I mean, I think everybody steals a bit. But, in a month of Sundays, you wouldn’t recognise that My Girl influence on Ashes to Ashes. So, job well done, I’d say.’ It’s good they can now see the funny side.





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