Stevie Wonder against Kanye West as US president


Roger Daltrey says ‘hip-hop music hasn’t evolved at all’ and calls Kanye West’s stuff “kind of meaningless”

Kanye West is hoping to kickstart a career in politics as he reveals plans to run for U.S. President in 2024.

The singer has made it known on Twitter that he is ready to stand for the next presidential election and thus challenge Donald Trump, of which he has often been a supporter, and Joe Biden.

It seems the reality TV star’s shift in career path has inspired her husband Kanye, as he too is plotting a new venture for that year – to become President of the United States.

During his appearance at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York on Thursday, Kanye said: “When I run for president in 2024, we’re going to definitely – yo whatchu all laughing at?

Stevie Wonder against Kanye West as US president
“To say that slavery was a choice is madness, it is like saying that the Holocaust never existed.”

It is incredible how a total moron, a rich man who has been screwed up, married to a bigass who is nothing at all can dictate law in politics. And what’s more, his music sucks.


Stevie Wonder’s stance against Kanye West’s thesis in recent days is tough: “When do you feel that slavery lasted 400 years … 400 years? It seems like a choice to me, ”Kim Kardashian’s husband said during an interview with TMZ.

The Who frontman weighs in on today’s charts ( Source NME) Roger Daltrey doesn’t think hip-hop has evolved since its beginnings, while also calling Kanye West‘s music “kind of meaningless.”

Daltrey released his tenth solo album ‘As Long As I Have You’ on the same day as West dropped his lastest LP ‘ye’ (June 1) and had some thoughts on the rapper.


When asked if he knew West’s music, Daltry told Rolling Stone: “I do because he did a big festival in England a few years ago,” seemingly recalling West’s Glastonbury set in 2015.

He continued: “It’s kind of meaningless to me, to be honest with you. I like some of the rhythms of rap. But [it]hasn’t gone anywhere from the first record [that]ever came out with those kind of rhythms, has it?”

When asked to clarify his comments on the genre, Daltrey said: “Has hip-hop evolved? I don’t think it has at all.” However, he did sing the praises of one rapper. “I do think Eminem is still one of the most creative people in that whole arena. He’s fabulous. I love him.” But early before Roeger  arguing that rock is “dead” and that rappers are the “only people saying things that matter”.


Daltrey added: “You watch these [new pop stars]and you can’t remember a bloody thing.”






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