David Bowie Banged Slash’s Mom Ola Hudson, famous designer


Of all the possible reasons for musician rivalries, David Bowie and Slash might had a unique one.

It’s not that Slash ever called Bowie a has-been, or that Bowie accused Slash of ripping off one his lesser-known alter egos (The Sunglass Wizard). All Bowie did was have tons of sex with Slash’s mom when he was a kid.

During the making of The Man Who Fell to Earth, Bowie — vagabond and overlooking for sex — began a passionate affair with his costume designer. The lady in question was Ola Hudson, a world-famous designer responsible for the looks of other rock luminaries like Ringo Starr and John Lennon. She’s also was the mother of some guy named Saul Hudson, although we know him better by the punctuation sign he now goes by. david

During an interview in 2012, Slash finally admitted that he absolutely despised Bowie for being his mom’s boyfriend. And while their relationship was very mysterious to the press, Slash saw it all. The Duke was all up in their domestic life, including tucking the future hellraiser into bed like he was his eyepatch-wearing stepdad from space. Slash even saw Bowie’s Major Tom when he walked in on them during, um, naked wrestling. The guitarist does admit that he always thought Bowie was cool, just not in the “it’s cool to bang my mom” kinda way. Admittedly, that was probably a package deal if you wanted to be friends with David Bowie.

Bowie had many love affairs: Carrie Fisher ‘had affairs with David Bowie  when she was just 17’. From Elizabeth Taylor to Susan Sarandon, Oona Chaplin, Bianca Jagger, Melissa Hurley among others. After being married with Angela,In 1992 he married married Somali-American model  Iman. 

The GUNS N’ ROSES legend told the station about a time when he was a kid that he walked in on his mother — a costume designer who made outfits for the likes of David BowieJohn Lennon and Ringo Starr — and Bowie stark naked.


“My mom started working professionally with David Bowie at first. I’m pretty sure that’s how it started and then it turned into some sort of mysterious romance that went on for a while after that,” Slash laughed. “I was seven or eight years old. [Bowie] was always over and they were always together.”

He continued, “I caught them naked once. They had a lot of stuff going on, but my perspective at eight was limited. Looking back on it, I knew eaxctly what was going on.”

Although the whirlwind romance only lasted three years, Ola remained close with Bowie, even asking him to sit down with Slash and give him advice on overcoming his drug addiction early in his career.


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