David Bowie’s Biopic dismissed by George Underwood


One of David Bowie‘s lifelong friends has dismissed the idea of a movie based on the icon’s life.

Last month, it was announced biopic Stardust was in the works – with Johnny Flynn set to play the late singer during first trip to America in 1971. Bowie’s son, the director Duncan Jones, then spoke out to say that the movie was happening “without his music or the family’s blessing“ according with NME

George Underwood – a friend of Bowie since the age of nine, former collaborator and the man responsible for giving Bowie his permanently dilated pupil – spoke to NME along with others who knew him well about the icon’s early life.

Asked about the idea of a biopic, Underwood told NME: “I’m dreading that. They never seem to get those right. Although I did like the Freddie Mercury one [Bohemian Rhapsody], but they’re never accurate. All of the books about David are copies of things that just aren’t quite right then it gets worse and worse.”flynn
He continued: “I was once asked to be interviewed for the book Bowie by Jerry Hopkins. He said, ‘I wanna know about the eye’, but I don’t want to be a one-trick pony. Then I looked in the book and it said, ‘Rumour has it that the fight was actually about a boy’. It’s completely untrue, then someone copies it and it becomes like Chinese whispers. There will be 25 different people saying 25 different things.”

In November 2018, Jones also tweeted to reveal that film companies were “insisting” that he attended meetings about the biopic, although it’s now clear that no approval deal was achieved.
Meanwhile, it was confirmed earlier this week that Bowie’s first ever performance as Ziggy Stardust has been unearthed for a new documentary. At the moment seems all the works in progress had stop.




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