David Crosby About Hard Drugs and Preferring Porn Over Sex


Considering his drug addiction, prison stint and health issues — diabetes, a couple heart attacks and a liver transplant Crosby should have been a long time gone.

As David Crosby has proven time and time again this year with his Ask Croz column, he’s down to answer any question that readers pose to him. Nothing is too bizarre, risqué or just downright nuts for him to tackle. He’s seen it all, done it all and he loves nothing more than telling the tale. In this newest round of Ask Croz questions, he deals with a husband that prefers porn over sex with his wife, a guy that is curious to try heroin just one time, a musician that’s having trouble getting along with his bandmates and a dejected hippie that feels his generation failed.(Rolling Stone)


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He’s as surprised as anyone that he’s still alive.

“Nobody has any clue why,” says Crosby, who’ll turn 78 on Aug. 14. “A whole lot of my friends are dead. I think my new motto is gonna be ‘Only the good die young.’ ”

is as feisty as ever in the new documentary “Remember My Name,” out Friday, in which he recounts his “checkered history” in vivid detail.

“I’ve done some great things, some terrible things. Of course I remember that s - - t,” Crosby tells The Post. “All I had to do is be willing to tell the truth . . . But considering how old I am, I should be fading off into the distance politely and sort of getting ready to sit down and shut up.”

In the documentary, he even visits Joni Mitchell’s old house in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles, where Crosby, Stills & Nash formed and wrote their classic “Our House.” “I spent lots of time there,” says Crosby. “I do see her and talk to her,” Crosby says. “I had dinner with her at her place a couple months back. And I do still love her.

But Crosby’s life turned into a nightmare when, while addicted to cocaine and heroin, he was convicted on drug and weapons charges in 1983. He fled, but later turned himself in and served five months in prison in 1986.

Crosby says that prison helped him to finally kick drugs. “It’s the only thing that really worked,” he says. “I had tried going into treatment and it didn’t work. I went into prison, and it worked. It was a s - - tty way to do it.”

Prison was the last time he shaved his trademark mustache, which, the film reveals, was part of how Crosby inspired Dennis Hopper’s character in 1969’s “Easy Rider.” “They don’t allow you to have mustaches in prison,” he says. “They shaved my face and cut my hair.”

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