David Gilmour releases new video for guitar auction


This month, more than 120 of Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour’s guitars will be auctioned by Christie’s in New York, in aid of charitable causes.

David Gilmour recently shared a clip in which he discussed his iconic black Fender Stratocaster – possibly the most prominent guitar in the Pink Floyd catalog, the one used for such classic tracks as “Money,” “Shine on You Crazy Diamond,” and the iconic “Comfortably Numb” solo.(source: ultimate-guitar.com – to read the full article click here)

Ahead of the charity auction with Christie’s in NYC on June 20, David released three podcasts featuring conversations with Matt Everitt about the guitars. All three episodes are now available.15

As widely reported in the guitar sphere, the Black Strat is one of over 120 six-strings David is selling at an auction on June 20 at Christie’s in NYC.

Remembering how he bought the guitar around 1970 in Manny’s in New York, Gilmour said (transcribed by UG):

“It’s probably been on more Pink Floyd tracks than any other guitar. The neck’s changed a few times, as I used it as a sort of test bed for all sorts of things.

“It’s on ‘Money,’ it’s on ‘Comfortably Numb’ – the solos on ‘Comfortably Numb’ – it’s on ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond.’ The four-note bit at the beginning of ‘Shine On’ fell out of that guitar one day, and it’s been on my last couple of solo albums. So it’s done the course.”

“I’ve found that if you pick up a guitar – an electric guitar – and strum it, and if it sounds great in the room although it’s not amplified, it’ll be great. You don’t even need to plug it into an amp to be pretty certain it’s a good ‘un.

“So I would usually try a few guitars and the one that just sat the nicest to me would be the one I’d pick.”



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