David Lee Roth and Armin van Buuren’s studio remix of Van Halen’s Jump


DJ debuted his collaboration with the Van Halen frontman live in March – he’s now released the studio version

Speaking about the collaboration prior to the live show back in March, van Buuren told Rolling Stone: “I’m sure that a lot of the kids I’m gonna play for are probably not even familiar with the original and how big of a track it was when it was released. (loudersound)

“Plus, it was an easy one to pick because I ask my crowd to jump, and the song has a deeper meaning, and I hope the kids get it when they hear the song, when they start to invest some time in the history of the song.”

He added: “I think I was six years old when the track was a no.1 hit everywhere. I always thought, ‘What if you could have the energy of that song and transfer it to 2019?”

Roth added: “I agree with all of that. It’s the first step towards world peace if we can do it.”

Recently to mark the 40th anniversary of the guitar player’s debut self-titled LP, EVH Gear will offer three limited-edition axe with vintage Fender Stratocaster bridge.
The replicas are based iconic black-and-white-striped instrument Eddie is clutching on the ‘Van Halen’ album cover that he used to record anthems including the seminal instrumental track ‘Eruption’, which gave the guitars their name.

In 1978 Van Halen‘s self-titled album debuted a new sound that reached No. 19 on the Billboard 200, featuring the unprecedented expressiveness of Eddie Van Halen‘s guitar playing on tracks such as “Eruption.” Now 40 years later, EVH Gear is distributing 78 reproductions of the black-and-white beauty that Eddie Van Halen created himself.

There are three separate Eruption guitar models in the range – the Super ’78, ’78 Eruption Relic and ’78 Eruption – that are limited to 78 units across the globe in total.



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