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A rockstar is allowed everything or almost

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This book published “only in eBook” is a collection of really happened anecdotes, told in first  person from rock stars and beyond. Crazy excesses and follies … Often unknown events of private and public life and the excesses of these big stars. The world of rock, you know, is all sprinkled with so many oddities and mysteries that constantly feed its fame. Sometimes it is simply false rumors that have made the fortune of those who spread them. In this case the stories are all true and first-hand, some perhaps already known to the most ardent fans, others absolutely unpublished. You certainly won’t find the speculation about the death of Paul McCartney or the thesis that Jim Morrison is alive.


Among the stories, sometimes tragic but more often hilarious one of those about Keith Moon, the Who drummer. “Once on the plane, after throwing food all over the aircraft and trying to make his way to the cockpit, he fainted. He woke up and started screaming. Then he started jumping into his seat singing the Lone Ranger on the aircraft’s intercom system. For his final, after landing, Moon stood at attention in the corridor, his trousers lowered around his ankles. The other passengers politely applauded. ”


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