Elton John: “With fitness, I’ll become a new Elton to look at”.


Sir Elton John has embarked on a fitness and diet regime to help him shed the pounds during the lockdown.

Sir Elton John has said he has been “ramping up” his fitness and exercise routine and will become “a new Elton to look at”. (By Tom Horton – Independent.ie)

The musician told The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show that by the time of the Dine and Disco event next year, he will have got himself into better shape.

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“This is a very important date in my calendar,” he said.

“So I’m ramping up my exercising and fitness so that when I appear on the stage, there will be an audible gasp when there’s this toothpick on the stage with a pair of gloves.”

He added: “I will be looking different. I’m telling you that now, it’ll be a new Elton to look at.”

Sir Elton, 73, said he has used his time during the pandemic “to do a lot of exercise and get really fit”.

“I get up, have breakfast, go in the pool, walk in the pool, do exercise in the afternoon,” he said.




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