Fleetwood Mac fans leave Wembley complaining about sound


Fleetwood Mac tease Glastonbury 2020 appearance during Wembley Stadium show

Some Fleetwood Mac ticketholders were asking for a refund after the first of the legendary band’s two London shows on Sunday night. In certain parts of the Wembley Stadium venue, fans praised the ‘amazing’ and ‘unbelievable’ show, while for others, the sound was described as ‘unbearable’. It prompted ‘hundreds’ of the 90,000-strong crowd, who paid up to £150 for tickets, to leave the venue early, saying it had ruined their night.

Some ticketholders said they were ‘unable to hear a single word’ complaining that the audio was ‘muffled’ in some areas of the venue. Others found it so ‘unbearable’ they said they walked out and footage from inside the venue shows many seatholders heading for the exits. One fan said: ‘We left, the sound was honestly unbearable. Really feel for everyone there tonight, especially Fleetwood Mac. How can I claim a refund?’ Another suggested: ‘Please turn off the repeaters, they are ruining the sound. @Fleetwoodmac’.

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Fleetwood Mac have reportedly teased a headline performance at Glastonbury Festival next year.

The rock icons dropped hints during their huge show at London’s Wembley Stadium last night, with drummer Mick Fleetwood offering some not-so-subtle clues.


According to fans in attendance at the show, Fleetwood told the crowd that the band still “had a big field to play”. Other Twitter accounts added that Fleetwood made reference to “a rained out festival in England next year”.

While any performance from the band is yet to be confirmed, it would see them taking top billing at the festival’s 50th anniversary – with previous reports claiming that Paul McCartney could headline the iconic festival too.

Speaking to BBC Somerset earlier this year, Michael Eavis said: “Paul’s on good form at the moment.



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