Halsey: confessional pop ‘Manic’ Is Here: Stream It Now


Halsey debuts web series ‘Road To Manic’ documenting the creation of her new album which is on streaming below.

Halsey today released her third studio set Manic, featuring the hit Without Me” and the previously-released tracks “You Should Be Sad” and “Graveyard.” It’s the followup to 2017’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which topped the Billboard 200.Her openness and lyrical specificity make listening to the 25-year-old’s dramatic third album feel like reading someone else’s diary.

Ahead of lift-off, Halsey took part in a special livestream performance on the Amazon Music Facebook page.

Halsey will support the new album with the Manic World Tour, with the North American leg kicking off June 2 at White River Amphitheatre in Seattle, WA.

Before that, she will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on Jan. 25, the first show of 2020. Star Wars star Adam Driver will host.From the depressed self-medication documented in the emo-rap scene to the soul-baring by the likes of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, we’re living in an age of radical transparency in pop – and no one is more open than Ashley Frangipane, AKA 25-year-old singer Halsey.

The first episod, is a two-minute-long clip that follows Halsey at various gigs across Europe. It includes her appearance on the reality singing competition show Swedish Idol and her recent performance at the MTV European Music Awards in Seville, Spain.

Halsey has recalled her experiences of homelessness and how she almost considered sex word in order to afford food, according with NME

The ‘Without Me’ singer opened up on her struggles at the beginning of her career as she appeared at the Ending Youth Homelessness: A Benefit For My Friend’s Place in Hollywood on Saturday night.

The singer, who was being honoured at the event, pleaded: The reality is that this epidemic is deadly. It’s more than young people needing validation and needing people to listen to them. It’s more than identity. It’s more than hope. This is life or death.

Recalling her own experiences, she said: “When I was living in New York, I was a teenager. My friends were picking out decorations for their dorms and I was debating on whether or not I should let a stranger inside of me so I could pay for my next meal. It wasn’t because I did something bad, it wasn’t because something was wrong with me, and it wasn’t because my parents didn’t love me, because they did very much.

A series of unfortunate circumstances led me to being in that position, and it could happen to absolutely anyone.”

The emotional speech also saw Halsey recall the moment when she signed one of her earliest record deals and met with an employee at the label.halsey

“He asked me, ‘What’s in the bag?’ And I looked him dead in the eye and said, ‘This is my house,’” she said.

“I think I’ve never heard a song, and I may be wrong, of two openly LGTB women singing a love story to each other on Top 40 radio,” she said, referring to herself and Jauregui, both of whom identify as bisexual.“One day I realized as I was getting to the thick of the rising action of the record — the moment where I’m realizing that the love is this doomed, forsaken kind of thing, I realize that that’s why I was so obsessed with the film. I felt like I was living it.”




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