Neil Young: ‘My Black Brothers and Sisters Have Suffered Enough’


Young writes in a new op-ed, “bringing compassion and empathy back to the White House”

Days after sharing a 2019 solo acoustic rendition of “Southern Man” and telling his fans that “it’s time for real change, new laws, new rules for policing,” Neil Young has written a lengthy opinion piece on his website titled “Hope” in which he elaborates on his feelings about this moment in American history.(ROLLING STONE)

“Have hope,” he writes. “I feel a change…We know black lives matter. My heart goes out to all our black families affected, so that’s all the black families through American history. I feel like we are turning a corner. All Together, all colors on the street. We know our mission is the right one for America and for mankind.”

“As an old white guy, I don’t feel threatened by my black brothers,” he continues. “I welcome him and his sisters. We have to deal with our white insecurities. I don’t feel any of those insecurities myself, (I have my own in other places). I will stand with my black brother. I want a better world for us all together. … My black brothers and sisters have suffered long enough.”

“I think our president is responsible for a lot of this unrest we feel today as he has fanned the flames and turned us against each other for his political reasons,” Young writes. “He is, in the end, just a poor leader who is building walls around our house. I believe he will be powerless soon and I wish him the best in his next life. That sorry man will not destroy the American dream. He can see his power slipping away with the support he is losing in his own party. It’s just the beginning of the end for him. I hope he and his family are safe through this transition.”





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