Ann Wilson of Heart new solo song, ‘The Hammer’.


After ‘Tender Heart’, legendary rock musician Ann Wilson has released another new single, “The Hammer”

It is one of several songs the HEART frontwoman recorded last fall in Seattle with the help of local musicians, including current HEART bassist Andy Stoller and keyboardist Dan Walker. In addition to “The Hammer”, Wilson recorded “Tender Heart” as well as covers of Steve Earle’s “The Revolution Starts Now”

Ann said: “‘The Hammer’ talks about that moment when the rubber meets the road, when all dreams, fantasies, and excuses fall by the wayside. The moment of truth. The edge of reality.”

“We as the human race are coming to realize realities we never dreamed we’d have to face – environmentally, culturally, financially and health-wise. Humanity is coming to terms with uncomfortable, heartbreaking, terrifying truths. This song is for the soul whose heart is blindsided by reality but is still soft and innocent. I hope people will identify with this song and feel they are not alone.”

Wilson will be interviewed by Geoff Edgers on The Washington Post’s Instagram page this afternoon. She’s expected to talk about the new song.

“Tender Heart” is the second release of new music by Wilson in recent months. In October, she put out a cover of Steve Earle’s “The Revolution Starts Now,” which she called “a powerful, uplifting anthem of unity. It’s an incitement to think higher than polarization and derision. We need that now. I used to love this song in a ‘fun’ way. Nowadays, I take it much more seriously and urgently.”



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