Ian Anderson will release Stormwatch: 40th Anniversary


Ian Anderson will release Stormwatch: 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition. This new 4CD/2DVD set will be available on October 18

Jethro Tull released Stormwatch in September 1979, completing a folk-rock trilogy the band started with Songs from the Wood in 1977 and continued the following year with Heavy Horses. Certified gold in the U.S., Stormwatch was also the final album to feature the classic late-1970s Jethro Tull lineup, which included Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, John Glascock, John Evan, David (now Dee) Palmer and Barriemore Barlow.

To celebrate the album’s upcoming anniversary, Rhino will release Stormwatch: 40th Anniversary Force 10 Edition. This new 4CD/2DVD set will be available on October 18

Highlights include:

– Original album and associated recordings newly remixed by Steven Wilson
– Full concert from the Netherlands recorded in March 1980
– Original album and 13 associated recordings mixed to 5.1 DTS and AC3 Dolby Digital
– Flat transfer of the original 1979 mix at 96/24 LPCM stereo
– 15 associated recordings mixed to 96/24 LPCM stereo and five original mixes at 96/24 LPCM stereo
– Presented in a case-bound DVD book filled with an extensive history of the album, track-by-track annotations by Anderson and Palmer, rare photographs and more

Jethro Tull announced their first official book. The Ballad of Jethro Tull  set for release in November.

In an informative video from Ian Anderson, the frontman details the book and its two versions. “You’ll see there’s a choice of two editions of the book, one of which comes with a seven-inch vinyl record of me reading a specially written poem called ‘The Ballad of Jethro Tull,’” he says while gripping his signature flute. “With musical backing from some old friends, too!”

Ian Anderson, hand-picked the 50-song track list from the band’s 21 studio albums. The three-disc set is loosely arranged in chronological order to capture the band’s myriad musical phases. 50 for 50 boasts Jethro Tull’s early blues-influenced efforts like “Nothing Is Easy” and “Beggars Farm,” hard rock hits like “Aqualung” and “Locomotive Breath,” prog classics such as “Skating Away” and “Critique Oblique,” plus folk songs like “Heavy Horses” and “Songs From the Wood.”50th

Along with 50 for 50, Jethro Tull will also release 50th Anniversary Hits, a condensed, 15-track collection that will be available on CD and vinyl. The CD version will be released May 25th, alongside 50 for 50, while the vinyl version will arrive August 31st.


Jethro Tull leader Ian Anderson will return to North America and Europe   to celebrate his famous band’s golden anniversary with the “Ian Anderson Presents: Jethro Tull – 50th Anniversary Tour.”

The concerts will feature a broad mix of material, ranging from the band’s earliest work, to its peak period in the early to mid-Seventies, to the band’s 21st century work. Anderson (vocals, flute) will be joined by David Goodier on bass, John O’Hara on keyboards, Florian Opahle on guitar and Scott Hammond on drums.

Jethro Tull 50 for 50 Track List

1. “Nothing Is Easy” – Stand Up (1969)
2. “Love Story” – This Was (1968)
3. “Beggars Farm” – This Was (1968)
4. “Living In The Past” – Living In The Past (1972)
5. “A Song For Jeffrey” – This Was (1968)
6. “A New Day Yesterday” – Stand Up (1969)
7. “The Witch’s Promise” – Benefit (1970)
8. “Mother Goose” – Aqualung (1971)
9. “With You There To Help Me” – Benefit (1970)
10. “Teacher” – Benefit (1970)
11. “Life Is A Long Song” – Living In The Past (1972)
12. “Sweet Dream” (Studio) – Stand Up (1969)
13. “Aqualung” – Aqualung (1971)
14. “Minstrel In The Gallery” – Minstrel In The Gallery (1975)
15. “Critique Oblique” (Steven Wilson Remix) – A Passion Play (1973)
16. “Weathercock” – Heavy Horses (1978)
17. “Cross-Eyed Mary” – Aqualung (1971)
18. “Bouree” – Stand Up (1969)
19. “Dun Ringill” – Stormwatch (1979)
20. “Heavy Horses” – Heavy Horses (1978)
21. “Hunting Girl” – Songs From The Wood (1977)
22. “Bungle In The Jungle” – War Child (1974)
23. “Salamander” – Songs From The Wood (1977)
24. “Pussy Willow” – The Broadsword And The Beast (1982)
25. “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die” – Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die! (1976)
26. “Songs From The Wood” – Songs From The Wood (1977)
27. “The Whistler” – Songs From The Wood (1977)
28. “Really Don’t Mind/See There A Son Is Born” – Thick As A Brick (1972)
29. “Moths” – Heavy Horses (1978)
30. “One White Duck / Nothing At All” – Minstrel In The Gallery (1975)
31. “Cup Of Wonder” – Songs From The Wood (1977)
32. “Ring Out Solstice Bells” – The Jethro Tull Christmas Album (2003)
33. “Skating Away” – War Child (1974)
34. “A Christmas Song” – The Jethro Tull Christmas Album (2003)
35. “One Brown Mouse” – Heavy Horses (1978)
36. “Rare And Precious Chain” – Roots To Branches (1995)
37. “Kissing Willie” – Rock Island (1989)
38. “Rocks On The Road” – Catfish Rising (1991)
39. “Fylingdale Flyer” – A (1980)
40. “Paparazzi” – Under Wraps (1984)
41. “North Sea Oil” – Stormwatch (1979)
42. “Steel Monkey” – Crest Of A Knave (1987)
43. “Black Sunday” – A (1980)
44. “European Legacy” – Under Wraps (1984)
45. “Budapest” – Crest Of A Knave (1987)
46. “Broadsword” – The Broadsword And The Beast (1982)
47. “Dot Com” – J-Tull Dot Com (1999)
48. “Farm On The Freeway” – Crest Of A Knave (1987)
49. “This Is Not Love” – Catfish Rising (1991)
50. “Locomotive Breath” – Aqualung (1971)

Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary Hits Track List

1. “Love Story”
2. “Living In The Past”
3. “Life Is A Long Song”
4. “Sweet Dream”
5. “The Witch’s Promise”
6. “Aqualung”
7. “Dun Ringhill”
8. “Cross-Eyed Mary”
9. “Bouree”
10. “Bungle In The Jungle”
11. “Steel Monkey”
12. “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll”
13. “Ring Out Solstice Bells”
14. “Farm On The Freeway”
15. “Locomotive Breath”



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