Jimmy Page starts a new battle with his other neighbour


Former Prudential chairman Sir Harvey McGrath has angered the veteran rock star with plans to install four air-conditioning outlets at his £10 million mansion in Holland Park, West London

Jimmy Page has spent over three years caught up in a feud with his neighbour Robbie Williams over Williams’ plan to renovate his house and build a basement extension.

Now, The Daily Mail first reported that Page has started another planning battle, this time with his other neighbour, former Prudential chairman Sir Harvey McGrath.

On January 31, Sir Harvey applied to the local council to install four air-conditioning units in his front courtyard, repositioning a wall to allow their installation.

But Page has objected to the plans, claiming that the noise from the units will interfere with his “sound workshop.

In a letter dated February 28, Page wrote that “for many years, as well as enjoying the building as part of my tranquil home, I have used the first floor area of the side extension to the Tower House as a sound workshop in connection with my work and interests in contemporary music.”

Not only is the 75-year-old furious that the new units will infringe on his music studio, in a letter to Kensington and Chelsea Council he also voices fears that The Tower House, his Grade I listed home for more than 46 years, will be affected by vibrations caused by the renovations.

Page’s feud with Robbie Williams over the former Take That star’s bid to build a basement swimming pool raged for years.

A compromise was reached recently when Williams was granted permission to build the pool – on condition that the work was done using only hand tools.

Page also wrote that he was concerned about vibrations caused by the air-conditioning units damaging his home. The council has yet to come to a decision on the application.

Jimmy is reported to be still awaiting an opportunity to discuss the project with Williams over a cup of tea.



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