Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Letter To You’ Documentary trailer + streaming LP


Listen the full album in streaming and watch the trailer of the documentary.

The film does more than simply capture a veteran band making a hard job look easy. It also gives Springsteen a chance to expand upon and espouse the thoughts on legacy, time, and the creative process that animate the new record’s material.

Spanning 12 tracks and almost one hour running time, Letter to You includes nine works written recently by Springsteen for the E Street Band, plus new versions of previously-unreleased compositions from the 1970s, “Janey Needs a Shooter,” “If I Was the Priest,” and “Song for Orphans.” (

Track List  – 1. One Minute You’re Here 2. Letter To You 3. Burnin’ Train 4. Janey Needs A Shooter5. Last Man Standing6. The Power Of Prayer 7. House Of A Thousand Guitars 8. Rainmaker9. If I Was The Priest 10. Ghosts 11. Song For Orphans 12. I’ll See You In My Dreams

Stephen Colbert had none other than Bruce Springsteen on as his guest for the Wednesday night Late Show, discussing his new album Letter to You and the documentary of the same name. (Rolling Stone)

The film acts as a tribute to Springsteen’s E Street Band, a celebration of its staying power and a eulogy for the friends — and the eras of rock & roll — that the band has said farewell to over its five-decade existence.

“I always tell people, imagine this: You’re going to high school right now,” Springsteen told Colbert. “When you’re 70 years old, those are the exact people you’ll be working with and will have worked with them for the past 50 years. The only place that that happens is in rock & roll. And it doesn’t happen much for the very simple reason that people can’t stand it. They can’t stand each other for that long. It’s a miracle!”

“And the audience doesn’t always stick around for 50 years,” Colbert added.

“No, they do not,” Springsteen said. “It’s a confluence of very, very special events, and some luck and magic involved, that allows you to have a long life and career that we’ve been blessed enough to have.”

The two also talked about Springsteen’s early, Bob Dylan-esque songwriting style, and Colbert asked him to name his top three Dylan songs. It was predictably hard for the Boss to choose, but his favorites include “Like a Rolling Stone,” “Visions of Johanna,” “Ring Them Bells,” and the entirety of John Wesley Harding. He even took a moment to geek out over a recent Dylan-esque record: Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell!

“Oh my god, ‘The Greatest!’ Can we talk about the song ‘The Greatest?’” Colbert exclaimed.

“I just love her writing — it’s cinematic, and her narrative’s great,” Springsteen said.

Bruce Springsteen has joked that he’ll move to Australia if Donald Trump is re-elected.

The 20-time Grammy winner made the lighthearted comment  during a virtual press conference promoting his new album, Letter to You.

Springsteen, a longtime critic of the president, was asked by an Australian reporter if he would consider moving Down Under in the event of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden losing the election on November 3.’I would consider that,’ he replied.

‘I love Australia. We have nothing but good times down there; it’s always a treat to come. Love the people, love the geography. [It’s a] great place for motorcycle trips… it’s close to our hearts.’


The atmospheric, black-and-white documentary, directed by Thom Zimny, shows the band learning, arranging, and recording the songs on the album and captures the members’ decades-long friendships — including a now-poignant toast to a tour that’s nowhere in sight. There were cameras everywhere in the studio, drummer Max Weinberg explained in interviews for Rolling Stone‘s recent Springsteen cover story. “You’re not aware of it, really,” he says. “Because you’re so focused.”










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