Keith Richards: The Incident of the Spring Onions


Flashback – Kate Moss recalls Keith Richards’ wild party for daughter marriage and the incident of the spring onions

When my daughter Angela married Dominic, her Dartford fiance, in 1998, we had the party at Redlands, a big and wonderful celebration. Dominic had come to Toronto to ask my permission to marry Angela, and I kept him guessing for two weeks. Poor guy. I knew what he wanted, but he didn’t know I knew he was going to ask and he could never get an opportunity–I’d always create a diversion, or he couldn’t get it up to make his case. And after that I was going on tour. And each morning, even after Dominic had been up past dawn, Angela would say, have you asked him? and he’d say no. Finally, one dawn when the time was running out, I said, for fuck’s sake, of course you can marry her, and threw him a skull bracelet to remember the moment.

At Redlands we put marquees up all over the garden and the paddocks and they looked so good I kept them up for a week afterwards. It was the widest mixture of people you could bring together: all Angie’s friends from Dartford, the tour people, the crew, Doris’s family–people we hadn’t seen for years.

There was a steel band playing to start it off, and then Bobby Keys, who Angie’s known all her life, played “Angie” as she walked down the aisle, and Lisa and Blondie sang, and Chuck Leavell played piano. Bernard Fowler read the Confirmation–a little shocked that he wasn’t asked to sing, but Angie said she loved his speaking voice. Blondie sang “The Nearness of You.” We all got up, Ronnie, Bernard, Lisa, Blondie and me, and we played and sang.

Then there was the Incident of the Spring Onions–the spring onions that were supposed to be topping the mash to go with the bangers I was making for myself. Except someone swiped them from under my nose.

There were many witnesses to what happened, including Kate Moss, who will give an account of the manhunt that followed.

Kate Moss: Food of the kind he likes is one of the few comforts Keith has, whereas everything else is all over the shop. And because the hours are erratic, he makes his own food a lot of the time. That’s what he was doing the night of Angela’s wedding. It was about three in the morning.

Everyone was partying, it was a beautiful evening, everyone was outside drinking, dancing, it was a big wedding, still going strong. And Patti and I were in the kitchen, and Keith was making his sausages and mash. And he had his spring onions.

The sausages were on, the potatoes were boiling, I was standing by the Aga, talking to Patti, and he turned round and said, where have my spring onions gone? And we were like, what? He said, I just had them, they were just there, where have they gone?

Oh God, we thought, he’s out of it. But he was so indignant, we started going through the dustbins. He was saying, they were definitely here, so we’re looking everywhere, under the tables… “I’m sure they were there.” And he was getting really angry. And we said, maybe you didn’t put them there, maybe you put them somewhere else? No, I fucking put them there. And everyone thought he was going mad.

And a friend of Marlon’s walked through the door and went, Keith, what’s the matter? And Keith said, I’m looking for my fucking spring onions, and he was almost deranged, going through rubbish, and I looked up and it was like those accident scenes in slow motion.

You think, noooooooo! Don’t do it! This guy had the spring onions behind his ears. I mean, why would you do that? To get attention, obviously, but the wrong kind of attention.

And Keith looked up and saw them too. Explosion. In Redlands he’s got those sabers over the fireplace. He grabbed them both and went running off into the night, chasing this kid. Oh my God, he’s going to kill him! Patti was really worried. We all went running after him, Keith, Keith, and he came back and he was raging. The guy spent most of the night in the bushes. He came back to the party later with a balaclava on so that Keith wouldn’t recognize him.

Keith Richards threw a wild bash early in September as his daughter Alexandra tied the knot with visual artist Jacques Naude

“She said yes!” Pattie Hansen posted on Instagram. “Mom and dad love Jacques and we could not be happier.”

The couple has been dating for about two years. They were photographed together in February 2017 at the Whitney Museum.

The Rolling Stones’ legendary, hard-partying, now sober guitarist and his wife, supermodel Patti Hansen, hired out lush Lachat Town Farm in Weston, Connecticut, on Saturday 16 September 2019.

L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, persone che sorridono, persone in piedi, matrimonio e spazio all'aperto

His fellow Stones Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts were there to celebrate — although Mick Jagger wasn’t in attendance while he was at Venice Film Fest.

“Guests walked or took golf carts from Keith’s home where the wedding party kicked things off with loud music.”







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