Ronnie Wood stuns fans by taking the Tube to the Brits


Despite his A-list status, Ronnie Wood opted to use public transport to get to the awards show at The O2 in London.

The clip shared on Twitter hones in a member of the public bouncing their leg up and down, before panning round to show Wood doing the same.(

“Knees up on the Tube. Heading to the #Brits2020,” the caption said.

The ceremony, which is being hosted by comedian Jack Whitehall and broadcast on ITV, will take place on Tuesday night at London’s O2 Arena

The camera then moves upwards to show the star, who smiles and says “hi”.

Fans were quick to comment online about the fact that Wood, 72, was travelling on the Underground.

“Why are you never on the Tube when I go on it?” asked one person on Twitter.

“Fair play to you Ron – still man of the people!” said another, while one posted: “Love that you’re on public transport, love you’re so down to earth.”

About the new upcoming album of the Rolling Stones ,he told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: ”The new album is like a puzzle, we still have to put the missing pieces together. We hope to release it in 2020 and then continue our world tour, the album will be ”very diverse”.

He told MOJO magazine: ”[Work on the album is] ongoing. Taking on shape.

”Many different flavours. Very diverse.

”It’s going to be great. Once we’ve decided what tracks we’re gonna use.”

In January, Keith admitted the recording process for the record was ”very boring”.

He said: ”Sometimes it’s not as much writing as listening to what’s been written and figuring it out, and honing and all kinds of stuff.

”It’s very boring. It’s like a carpentry shop.”

Ronnie Wood thinks the Rolling Stones are ”invincible” because they’ve overcome so many health issues.

He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: ”After 50 years of chain smoking, my life was hanging by a thread, but I survived.

”The doctors were able to remove the tumour from my left lung, thank God the cancer had not spread.

”Not to forget Charlie, who had laryngeal cancer a few years ago, and Keith, with his heavy bleeding after falling from a palm tree. Everything went well, a big miracle. The Stones are simply indestructible.”

Over the past two years, the band has spent a total of about three weeks in the studio putting together its first original record since 2005’s A Bigger BangGuitarist Keith Richards thinks it will still be a while before it sees the light of day, but he promised it’s on the way.

Almost all the music magazines, including the BBC, say in big letters the news that the stones are recording unpublished songs.

“I find it an interesting challenge to write for Mick,” he added. “There’s no point in my giving him a song that’s beyond his range or that he’s not comfortable with. What I really like to do is write a song where Mick goes, ‘Yeah, right, I’m in!’ That’s what I try and do, because I’m writing for the lead singer of the Rolling fucking  Stones, and that is my job — to give him a riff that he leaps on and goes, ‘Right, I know what to do with this.’”

Produce Don Was added:  “The songwriting that Keith and Mick did [recently]was really something to behold,” Was said. “The three of us sat in a room, with them facing each other, five feet apart, with guitars, and there’s something magical that happens that’s still as fresh as when they started.”

It is plausible that the new album may go out in the stores for the next Christmas 
as it happened with the lucky Blue and Lonesome.

But news has long been known. Mick Jagger had declared   that he was working on new material, on of you tube video “ask keith”, the guitarist makes it perfectly clear they are going to publish a new record. In fact, the release of Blue and Lonesome, was made during the sessions of new

When questioned about the new album and if was about another bluesy music, Keith answered: “[We’re] Cutting some new stuff and considering where to take it next. Blue & Lonesome caught us a little bit by surprise in that we figured it was something we had to do, but we didn’t expect the response that it got. We’ll be back in studio  very, very shortly.”


That magic seemingly owes as much to the many years of practice as to the head-vs-heart dynamic between Jagger and Richards. “Writing songs, you don’t get a minute off, not even to sleep,” he said. “You wake up in the middle of the night with a couple of notes in your head, and you’ve got to get out of bed and figure it out. It’s like being incontinent — either you’ve got to take a pee, or you’ve got to lay this little line down. So you get up, go to the piano or the guitar and hope it sticks.”

Since their 1964 chart debut, the Stones have only scored nine Number One albums — Out Of Our Heads (1965), Sticky Fingers (1971), Exile On Main Street (1972), Goats Head Soup (1973), It’s Only Rock N’ Roll (1974), Black And Blue (1976), Some Girls (1978), Emotional Rescue (1980), and Tattoo You (1981)



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