Rolling Stones’ Chef Josh Ireland tells the stars’ favorite foods


Josh Ireland has switched the high life, touring the world as a chef for the Rolling Stones and U2, for the quiet life cooking kebabs in in the NSW Blue Mountains.

It’s a far cry from his former lifestyle on the road with some of the world’s biggest bands.

“Mick [Jagger] really enjoyed vegetarian and the entourage ate it too,” Mr Ireland said.

Whereas Keith Richards would order two shepherd’s pies, made specifically to his mum’s recipe.

“One was to eat, and one to put his cigarette out in,” Mr Ireland said.

He described U2 as “pretty simple eaters”.

“Bono is an old-fashioned Irish guy.”

While on tour with U2, he’d be given $80,000 to purchase food and alcohol for U2 and the entire crew of more than 200 people for a week.Mr Ireland chooses to be vegetarian because it’s “environmentally more sustainable”, for animal welfare, and because he feels healthier on a vegetarian diet.

Recently, according to the Daily Mail, the two were accompanied by singer and songwriter Ian Hunter, 80. Before the celebrities started enjoying their dinner, their security guards examined the venue

The two old friends showed up at the Le Raj with Mott The Hoople star Ian Hunter and some pals, and owner Jeffrey Ali insists they were a pleasure to serve.

He told the Surrey Comet newspaper, “He (Depp) was a really lovely guy, the nicest guy in the world and just like any other guests really – laughing and joking. They didn’t demand any special attention.

Star visit: The stars' entourage scoped the venue out before announcing who they worked for. Business owner Jeffrey Ali insisted that Johnny, Keith and Ian made for pleasant diners

“He’s the nicest chap, really respectful to everyone and he went in the kitchen, saying hi to the staff and going out of his way to say thank you to everyone.”

Depp has been friends with the Rolling Stones star for years and once confessed his Pirates of The Caribbean character, Captain Jack Sparrow, was inspired by the rocker. Keith even joined the film franchise and played Sparrow’s father, Captain Teague, in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Meanwhile, Depp is now a bona-fide rocker, just like his hero and pal – he’s a member of Alice Cooper’s supergroup the Hollywood Vampires.

The business owner Jeffrey Ali said that Depp, Richards and Hunter were very nice and did not ask for any special attention from the restaurant’s staff.

The founder of the restaurant could not but share his joy and surprise over the visit of the VIP guests.

‘He was a really lovely guy, the nicest guy in the world and just like any other guests really — laughing and joking, they didn’t demand any special attention.’

He added: ‘We’re quite chuffed to be honest…with someone who doesn’t live anywhere near us especially.



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