St. Vincent and Jack Antonoff star in Red Hearse new video


St. Vincent stars alongside Jack Antonoff in the new video for ‘Half Love’, the latest single from the latter’s latest band Red Hearse –

St. Vincent carries out a surreal smash-and-grab job in the video for “Half Love,” a new song from Red Hearse, the trio of Jack Antonoff, singer Sam Dew and producer Sounwave.


Red Hearse, who are comprised of Antonoff, singer-songwriter Sam Dew and Kendrick Lamar collaborator Sounwave, debuted their first two tracks late last month. The group’s forthcoming self-titled debut album is entirely performed, produced and written by the three members, and is expected to be released later this summer.

The video was directed by Grant Singer and stars St. Vincent’s Annie Clark as a woman who rolls up in a red hearse to a bizarre store that has no entrance, just an exit, and seems to be entirely empty save for a pair of uninterested employees — played by Dew and Sounwave — who look on as Clark uses a crowbar to break into the building. Inside, Clark ambles down the lone aisle and eventually grabs a dusty package of Red Hearse action figures. The shaggy dog story gets its perfect ending as Clark takes the toy to the cashier (played by Antonoff), pays for it with a check then casually walks out into the night.

Following the release of ‘Red Hearse’ and ‘Honey’, Red Hearse have now dropped ‘Half Love’ and its accompanying Grant Singer-directed video. Starring the members of the group and St. Vincent, the camera follows the latter throughout much of the clip as she wanders around a deserted and eerie shopping complex.

St. Vincent tweeted her appreciation of both the video and the Red Hearse project in a tweet earlier this evening

Dua Lipa and St. Vincent, who are both nominated for two awards, will perform together at the ceremony. Lipa is up for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording (for “Electricity,” her Silk City collaboration with Diplo and Ronson); St. Vincent is up for Best Rock Song (“Masseduction”) and Best Alternative Music Album (2017’s Masseduction).





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