20 May 1970 “Let it Be”premiered in London and Liverpool (full movie)


Watch full movie below – The world premiere of The Beatles film ‘Let It Be’ took place in New York City on 13 May1970

The film which was originally planned as a television documentary features an unannounced rooftop concert by the group, their last performance in public. Released just after the album, it was the final original Beatles release.March 1970 – The LP release in UK was Today, 8th May 1970



Let it Be The film, which was shot in January 1969, was originally intended to be a TV special called Get Back featuring the group rehearsing for their first live show in over two years.


The Beatles Let It Be Film (outtakes, camera A).

“We shot thousands and thousands of feet of 16mm footage. There was a discussion about where they would shoot the actual TV special. Each Beatle wanted a different place. A few days later they still couldn’t make up their minds and John said to me, ‘What’s all the shit you’ve been shooting?’ He liked the dailies and said, ‘We don’t have to do anything else; we’ll just use this and do a free concert on a roof somewhere. Let’s do it tomorrow night.’ And that became Let It Be. It’s as simple as that!


WATCH FULL MOVEI HERE: CLICK THE LINK    https:// https://archive.org/details/movies


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The Beatles’ rooftop concert was the climax of a project originally titled Get Back. It was conceived as exactly that, a return to their rock roots. In a desperate effort to restore unity when business and personal chaos threatened to destroy the band. A documentary crew filmed the Beatles rehearsing and recording new material for an “honest” album, free from the studio wizardry that had dominated their recent work.


“It was released as a film. Since then, we remastered it for DVD and there were so many outtakes that weren’t used in the film that really show the acrimony between all of the Beatles. But that’s still being held up by George Harrison’s estate and his wife and Yoko Ono because they don’t want the acrimony shown.”




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