Brian Eno lambastes the conservative party in new song


Proceeds from “Everything’s On The Up With The Tories” will benefit the homeless.

Brian Eno has released a political song, “Everything’s On The Up With The Tories,” ahead of Thursday’s UK general election.

It’s an upbeat jingle that sardonically addresses issues facing the country, including the privatisation of the NHS, unemployment, “Brexit purgatory” and classism. The Tories are currently polling above Labour in the final days leading up to Thursday’s vote.

Earlier this year, Eno released an expanded version of his 1983 ambient landmark, Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks.

Listen to “Everything’s On The Up With The Tories.”

Brian Eno’s new ambient album, Reflection, is out New Year’s Day via Warp. A four-minute excerpt of the LP premiered today on BBC Radio 6, as Spin points out. Check it out on Mary-Anne Hobbs’ page—hear the track at the 1:08:45 mark, or start a minute earlier to hear Hobbs read an Eno-penned preamble.

As reported, “generative” version of the album will be available on Apple TV and iOS, in which users can explore its different visual and sonic aspects. “It’s a lot like gardening,” Eno explained. “You plant the seeds and then you keep tending to them until you get a garden you like.”

Available on Apple TV and iOS, users will be able to explore different visual and sonic aspects of the album. Eno previously made a “generative film” to accompany his 2016 LP The Ship. Below, read statements from Eno and his collaborator Peter Chilvers about the generative editions of Reflection. Scroll down from screenshots from the generative iOS Reflection.

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