Lana Del Rey new single ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’


The first song taken from ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’

Lana Del Rey has released her new single ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’, the first track to arrive from her upcoming album ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’.

The track, was produced and co-written by Jack Antonoff.

For Lana Del Rey  it was her goal, she says, for this album to mark a “moving-on-ness from wherever that other place was that Honeymoon and Ultraviolence came from. I loved those records, but I felt a little stuck in the same spot.”Her duet with The Weeknd proves a masterful pairing, they stand out among their peers as two artists who have succeeded at crafting their own myth.

Fans had initially discovered its Spotify listing, before Del Rey officially confirmed the song’s release at midnight on October 16 local time.“Because of the vinyl process being 11 weeks, it could be, like, January 7th,”

You can listen below to Lust For Life, one Lana’s late album


All this positivity is balanced with a healthy, or unhealthy, dose of depressive Del Rey (Real name Elisabeth  Grant) and reinvented as Lana Del Rey seemed dangerously close to becoming a victim of her own making; the backlash to the revelation that her musical persona was a creation, not so much a reality, was unforgivingly brutal.

The Californian artist’s music has remained locked within a small range of emotions, most of which revolve around awful men (often elderly bikers or gangsters) doing awful things and Del Rey remaining belligerently in love with them. (The Guardian)

On this new record Del Rey is far more self-aware than she has been on her previous albums, where her lyrics – so often seeming to fetishise themes of death and ennui – quickly grew tiresome. By Ultraviolence, the follow-up to 2012’s Born to Die, it felt that she needed new things to sing about.



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