Freddie Mercury ‘sends’ Christmas gifts to family and friends every year


Twenty-eight years after his death, the leader of Queen continues, thanks to the complicity of the London warehouses Fortnum & Mason, to deliver gifts to his loved ones.

Freddie as always loved to give gifts. And despite not being alive since that sad November 1991, Freddie Mercury continues to respect the tradition by having his Christmas gifts delivered to relatives and friends every year. The voice of “Don’t Stop Me Now”, writes Roberto De Ponti, author of “Queen – Opera omnia”, for the Corriere della Sera, quoting the British Daily Mail, before dying, in fact, left provisions to the London warehouses Fortnum & Mason so that every year, on December 24th, they send the gifts chosen by him to those indicated by the singer born in Zanzibar. “We believe it is a delightful gesture and yes, sometimes it happened,” said a spokesman for Fortnum & Mason, omitting that the tradition has been going on for years now, twenty-eight to be precise.

Elton described his friend as a ‘light unto the world’, revealing that it broke his heart to see AIDS destroy his body, leaving him too weak to stand.

Although Freddie should have spent those days concerned with his own health, he in fact spent it caring for those around him.

He even continued to record Queen’s Made In Heaven album, which they released following his death.

Just weeks after his death, when Elton was dealing with the loss of Freddie he was given one last gift by his friend.

A friend knocked on Elton’s door and handed him a gift, wrapped in just a pillowcase, when he unwrapped it, inside was a painting by Henry Scott Tuke, one of his favourite artists.

During their friendship Freddie and Elton had given each other drag queen names, Elton was Sharon and Freddie was Melina.

A note attached to the present read: ‘Dear Sharon, I thought you’d like this. Love, Melina. Happy Christmas.’

Elton said that he was overcome with emotion at the thoughtful gift from his friend, who spent his final days finding a Christmas present for Elton.

He said that although it was a sad moment, that is how he remembers Freddie, a man who spent those days finding a present for him.

Freddie was incredibly courageous. He kept up appearances, he kept performing with Queen, and he kept being the funny, outrageous and profoundly generous person he had always been,’ as quoted in the Indy.

The rocket man singer said that watching Freddie deteriorate in the last years of his life was unbearable, adding that his body was covered with Kaposi’s saecoma lesions.


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