Paul McCartney a new album of outtakes on the way 


Paul McCartney hints that a new album release of outtakes may be on the way after amassing “millions” of them during studio recordings.

Describing the outtakes as a “treasure trove” in an interview on his website, the 77-year-old said the material comes from various ab-libbed sound checks and rehearsals.
On being asked if he still improvises at soundchecks, McCartney said: “Yeah, we do!” and added: “We’ve got millions of them! And fortunately, there’s a guy in our team called Jamie, who logs them. And he tells me we’ve actually got thousands. Some of them are really good and occasionally I’ll pick one out and work on it.
“For ‘Egypt Station’, I picked one out, though we didn’t finish it. I picked one out and we’re kind of making a track around this riff from the soundcheck jam. ‘Cause it was like, ‘That was a good little riff!’ But because they’re improvised they’re instant and then they’re gone.
He added: “Thankfully our stuff is captured because these days you can record just about anything that moves! It’s a little treasure trove…And one day we will have to put together an album, or something, with a selection of these songs that we’ve gathered. Because they are from all around the world!” (SOURCE NME)

After the release of a massive box set will be limited to 3,000 copies of  Egypt StationTraveler’s Edition’ 

The “Traveler’s Edition” will be limited to 3,000 copies and is set to arrive May 10th via Capitol Records, according with Rolling Stone

Fans will be able to access pre-orders by signing up for a mailing list by 9 p.m. ET today, February 14th. Unique links providing first access to pre-orders will be sent out at 9 a.m. ET Friday, February 15th.

The Egypt Station Traveler’s Edition will include the original album, pressed on 180 gram vinyl, as well as “Egypt Station II,” pressed on “Night Scene” blue vinyl. The latter record boasts three previously unreleased cuts – “Frank Sinatra’s Party,” “Sixty Second Street” and an extended version of the single “Who Cares” – as well as four live performances of Egypt Station songs recorded at Abbey Road, the Cavern Club, the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and Grand Central Station.

The collection will also include versions of Egypt Station on CD and cassette, access to HD audio of all tracks, and additional rare performance footage hidden inside. The Traveler’s Edition will boast an array of collectibles as well, including a handwritten note from McCartney, an illustrated map, luggage stickers, lithographs, a jigsaw puzzle, playing cards and more. The whole thing will be fittingly housed in a box designed like a vintage-style suitcase.

Early today A photograph of The Beatles performing has emerged after the negative lay in a drawer for 55 years.

The forgotten photo of the Fab Four was taken in Great Yarmouth in July 1963 according with BBC

The photographer was going to throw the negative away, but assistant Peter Harrison, then 17, took it home with the intention of developing it himself.

More than 50 years on the never-before-seen grainy image of The Beatles on stage been developed by his son, as the Great Yarmouth Mercury reported.

Mr Harrison, now 75 and living in Leeds, said it was “lovely” to finally see the forgotten photo.

“I never did get around to developing it, but just left it in a drawer thinking maybe one day it might be of interest to someone,” he added.beatles

He only remembered it as his son had taken a course in black-and-white photography and thought he might enjoy the old negative.

It was one of a number of shots taken by a professional photographer from Fisher’s studio when the Liverpudlian foursome played at the ABC Cinema in the Norfolk seaside town alongside Freddie Starr and the Midnighters, the Kestrels and the Trebletones.



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