Mick Jagger shares love letter to Glastonbury as festival is cancelled


Mick Jagger has shared a love letter to Glastonbury, recalling the time the Rolling Stones finally got to headline the festival in 2013.


Looking back fondly on when the Rolling Stones finally stormed the Pyramid Stage, Mick, 76, reveals his ‘special affection’ for Glastonbury and how he prepared for the rock band’s headline set.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mick revealed that the Rolling Stones didn’t have to think twice about headlining Glasto, as he recalled the ‘amazing sight’ of the 100,000 strong crowd cheering them on. He said: ‘The truth of the matter is that Glastonbury never really asked the Rolling Stones to play before –

I heard they had thought about it, but no official invitation was ever made. So as soon as we were asked, we did it.’ Mick explained that he’d watched Arctic Monkeys perform their headline gig the night before to ‘get the vibe of the crowd’ and he purposely rewrote the lyrics of Factory Girl to Glastonbury Girl to do something special for festival-goers.

‘Going on was this amazing sight, I’ve done a lot of big crowds, but normally when you do these big crowds you can’t often seem them. In this case, though, the crowd goes up the hill and was illuminated by flares,’ he said. ‘You could actually see 100,000 people which was amazing.

The U2 frontman and his band performed at the legendary British music event in 2011, but had a tough time due to the rain and the mud. He spoke to Mick about his experience and his warning made the rocker nervous before his big Glastonbury bow. (music-news.com)

“I spoke to Bono when he had his Glastonbury experience, which he said was one of the most difficult days he’s ever done a concert – it was mindblowingly difficult because of the weather,” the rock veteran wrote for The Guardian. “I was afraid it was going to be the same for us, but it didn’t turn out like that.”





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