Jade Jagger ‘hindered’ by famous parents


Jade Jagger finds having famous parents Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger a ”hindrance”, because people sometimes make ”awful” comments about her

Jade Jagger finds having famous parents a ”hindrance”. (contactmusic.net)

The 48-year-old jewellery designer is the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger and his ex-wife Bianca, and has said she often finds living in the spotlight to be a negative experience, because people make ”awful” comments about her.

Asked if having famous parents spurred her on or was a hindrance, she said: ”I mean it is a hindrance, yesterday I was googling something and I found an awful, tragic piece about me in the newspaper from last year saying that ‘she just can do whatever she wants’ and it’s very demoralising after you’ve worked all your life to try and achieve something.”

But Jade appreciates her parents’ successful careers, as it has given her something to ”look up to” and strive toward in her own life.

She added: ”But also, obviously, seeing what my family have done always makes you look up to something higher that is almost unachievable. I try to bring myself down from thinking that’s my goal, because I think that can leave you with heartache, because I’m certainly not going to be jumping around on stage in the pouring rain … I have my limits!”


The designer now has three children of her own – Assisi, 28, and Amba, 24, with her ex Piers Jackson, and five-year-old Ray with spouse Adrian Fillary – and has said she’s keen on teaching them all that they can choose how hard they want to work.

She said: ”My daughter at the moment has chosen to look after her kids, she did study at university and I think she will go back into the workplace at some point … I think they’ve seen me struggling working and looking after them. Perhaps, in a way they have used that as something to define them, not wanting to work as hard as maybe I did, if I’m honest.”

Jade also has three grandchildren, and sometimes wishes she’d held off a few years before starting a family.

Asked during a conversation with Acting Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, Lydia Slater, at this year’s Bazaar At Work Summit  if she has any regrets, she said: ”I’ve got three children and three grandchildren, and they take up an awful lot of my time. It’s not a regret, but sometimes I look down at my life and I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t gone so heavy on the kids! Or [having them]not so early, or not so late!”





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