Rolling Stones: Rare Paris Footage, Backstage Live in Pontiac.


The Rolling Stones – Live in Pontiac 1981/11/30 – 39th show of the tour- the backstage + concert. And Paris in 1985

In  the first clip you can see moments of a normal day of the band, before the concert.

Charlie before the hair plugs and period when Charlie decided to become a heroin addict and when he appears to be in worse shape than Keith is not a good sign.

Nice to see Keith hanging out with his Dad. Jo Wood seems to be the most fun of the bunch.

Keith—who appears to have been awake for a full five days at this point—effortlessly signs autographs, behaves as a true gentleman, and then TAKES THE WHEEL OF HIS OWN RIDE, before seamlessly driving away with remarkable acuity. Ordinary mortals need not apply, nor try this at home!

Probably someone has already seen this video, which appears on the Glimmer Stone YouTube channel.
Although the video has watermarks, it is interesting to watch the first 27 minutes, all taken in the dressing rooms. 


Iggy Pop opened this show and was booed off the stage. Santana played a wonderful set. The Stones were good altough sloppy playing by Keith and  Ron Wood.

Bill Wyman plays table tennis before the show, Mick Jagger getting ready with stretching sessions, the arrival in the dungeons, and whatever else happens before a Stones concert




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