Mick Jagger’s advice for young bands


 Few writing partnerships can boast a 50-year relationship. In fact, few partnerships, in general, have lasted as long as the relationship between The Rolling Stones’ singer Mick Jagger and his partner in crime Keith Richards.

The Rolling Stones are the very definition of the word longevity, and few souls have been at the top of the music industry for as long as the Stones have.  (Faroutmagazine)

Back in 2015, Jagger opened up about what his advice would be for bands who found themselves in a similar position to The Stones back in the early ’60s. While a lot has changed over that time, the principles of what makes a good band remains the same for Jagger, who said: “Every night the audience is like a challenge for me. Every time you go out there it’s different. You think it’s the same show, but it’s a different show, different place, different audience,” said the singer.

“For a younger band, you got to bring a sense of uniqueness to every show you do, and you got to sort of try somehow to forgot — even though it appears to everyone it’s the same show — but to yourself, it’s always got something different and special about it. I’m not sure if all young bands want to stay on the road as long as we have. Maybe they’ll want to do something else,” he added.

“When you go out in front of all those people you get an enormous rush of chemicals in your body — your own chemicals, not chemicals you’ve put in,” “Let’s face it, it is a huge buzz. Must be like playing football or something,”

“Basically your life’s attuned to doing those few hours onstage and everything else is a build up to that. Of course, you get to enjoy yourself at other times, but really you’re thinking about the next show or the show you’re doing that night,” said Jagger, “A lot of prep time goes into that — keeping yourself (together) so you can get through the whole thing without screwing up physically and mentally and keeping yourself really sharp. But I really enjoy it.”

Especially if you are the frontman of the band, you have to move, dance and sing together. so you need a good workout or you find yourself out of breath while you sing and people whistle at you

When you tour Europe it’s a lot of languages, so I try to do them all and that takes up some time, so (in the U.S.) I can concentrate on some other things.



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