Lewis Capaldi, the most relaxing music to listen to, study shows


It seems that Lewis Capaldi is the most relaxing, according to a new study.

The music of Lewis Capaldi is usually characterised by slow, melancholic songs. While this may remind many of heart-wrenching break-ups, it seems that the artist’s music is the most relaxing to listen to. (unilad.co.uk)

The research team at Great Bean Bags began by analysing more than 2,200 songs that featured in Spotify playlists with the words ‘relax’, ‘relaxing’, ‘chill’ and ‘chilling’. From this point, the study managed to narrow down the 50 most popular relaxing songs.

To truly decide which one of these 50 songs was the most relaxing, the study then looked at beats per minute (BPM), key, and time signatures to find a formula for the most chilled song. Looking at the 50 songs, the study found that the formula to a relaxing song is 113 beats per minute in a key of C and, somewhat predictably, a 4/4 time signature was the most popular.

Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved turned out to be the perfect fit for this formula, and as a result, has been crowned the most relaxing song.

While the study has found a formula for current music that is relaxing, it is worth remembering that we all have our own tastes and this study does not mean that Lewis Capaldi is required for a chilled-out time. With that in mind, you can still listen to mathcore or death metal to unwind at the end of the day if it works for you.



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