Neil Young To finish Long Lost Train Film


Neil Young plans to expand his already voluminous online archives to include a wealth of previously unreleased material — including a long-lost film 

The film, which is 35 minutes long  and was completed with help from Young’s recent musical collaborator Micah Nelson, tells what Young describes as “a very touching and moving story about artificial intelligence and communication disorders,

“Micah Nelson and I are doing an animated video of the story of Trans, so that you can see all the characters,” Neil Young told. “Every song has got characters; a lot of the characters go from song to song. There’s a factory where they’re making people, and they’re making like clones of people, and computerized versions. When I sing, it’s me but it’s not me, it’s my ‘Neil 2’ that’s singing ‘Mr. Soul’ and other songs.

Neil Young ihas  also released a new album and an entire high-quality digital catalog on the same day.

The Visitor, featuring the single “Already Great,” will be available Dec. 1. Meanwhile, the Neil Young Archives will open — and, at least upon launch, the comprehensive collection will be free.

Recently the singer  72-year-old rocker has been dating the Hannah, prior to his filing for divorce to former wife Peggy Young.

The album features Young performing in several configurations: with Promise of the Real, with an orchestra recorded on the MGM Soundstage, solo on electric guitar and in a line-up featuring drummer Jim Keltner and bassist Paul Bushnell. (A press release also cites the contribution of “Joe Yankee,” presumably the pseudonym of Young, who has often recorded as a guest artist under that moniker.) Willie Nelson contributes narration on one track, “Many Moons Ago in the Future.”


Paradox Soundtrack Track List

1. “Many Moons Ago in The Future” (narration by Willie Nelson)
2. “Show Me”
3. “Paradox Passage 1”
4. “Hey”
5. “Paradox Passage 2”
6. “Diggin’ in The Dirt” – Chorus
7. “Paradox Passage 3”
8. “Peace Trail”
9. “Pocahontas”
10. “Cowgirl Jam”
11. “Angel Flying Too Close to The Ground” (written by Willie Nelson)
12. “Paradox Passage 4”
13. “Diggin’ in The Dirt”
14. “Paradox Passage 5”
15. “Running to The Silver Eagle”
16. “Baby What You Want Me to Do?”
17. “Paradox Passage 6”
18. “Offerings”
19. “How Long?”
20. “Happy Together”
21. “Tumbleweed”


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