Nerdlesque Festival


Mancava anche il festival Burlesque dei Nerd (Nerdlesque) all’appello delle stranezze mondiali.

in sequenza alcune foto riprese dall’articolo pubblicato sul sito

 (Photograph: Ben Trivett)

The Nerdlesque Festival is the first ever festival dedicated to nerd and pop culture related burlesque. Created in 2014, this annual festival showcases the best in nerdlesque from across the globe, brought together for one jam-packed weekend in New York City full of shows, classes, parties, panels, and more! As the  (Photograph: Ben Trivett)popularity of nerd-friendly burlesque and cabaret rises daily, this festival aims to encourage and foster the development of nerdlesque as an art form and a community. From April 1-3, 2016, our powers combine to turn New York City into the epicenter of glittery naked nerdery! – See more at:

The Nerdlesque Festival’s goal is to create a safe place where all the dweebs, dorks, geeks and freaks can get together, without fear or shame, in celebration of our dedication to the art of burlesque. As much as this is an event to entertain and amuse, it is a community-b5uilding weekend. Featuring shows, classes, and networking events, the Nerdlesque 4Festival str6ives to contribute to strengthening the Nerdlesque Community while increasing opportunities for nerdy performers as well as their exposure in the world at large!

– See more at:

 (Photograph: Ben Trivett)

7 8 9The Nerdlesque Festival is a multi-day festival consisting of shows, panels, classes, and networking events. Keep an eye on this page for details on the 2016 Festival.


 (Photograph: Charles L. Barnes)


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