Nils Lofgren on Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen


Crazy Horse member and former Springsteen guitar player, Nils Lofgren, is back in the fold

With Bruce Springsteen pursuing solo endeavors, Lofgren, 68, is temporarily free from his responsibilities as a longtime member of the E Street Band, allowing him to renew his working relationship with Young. That connection dates to 1970 when, at age 18, he first recorded with Young on the “After the Gold Rush” album.

“The whole idea was not learning songs too well, trusting your instincts,” says Lofgren. “That’s the heart and soul of that band – here an excerpt from the Los Angeles Time

How did your latest return to Crazy Horse come about?
In the last year or so we had done seven shows as Crazy Horse. Frank Sampedro has done an amazing job, but after 37 years he’s done for now, so Neil asked me to jump on board with no rehearsals, and I was the right guy for that job.

How did that go?
On the last night, we felt we were really becoming a band. Neil didn’t want to do a set list; he just wanted us to walk out and play what comes to mind. It’s a reckless way to approach a show. But it was a great, great night.

I was just about to release my new album, and out of the blue, Neil called and said, “I’m sending you some new songs I’m writing. Is there any chance you could get to Telluride [Colorado, where Young and his wife, Daryl Hannah, took up residence recently] for a couple of weeks?” We jumped into it and started recording these beautiful new songs.

How does it compareto your years with Bruce in the E Street Band?
There are a great many similarities between Neil and Bruce. The only real differences are the tone in their guitars and their voices. Both want things to be immediate and emotional, not over-rehearsed. They don’t micromanage. They both like ragged, emotional rock ‘n’ roll. I guess when you look at things like “Tonight’s the Night,” Neil might let things get a little more ragged. But in both bands I’m given enormous latitude to play what I feel. – to read the full interview click here

Nils Lofgren’s new album Blue With Lou is a nod to the late Lou Reed, with six tracks Lofgren and Reed co-wrote

Five of which have never been released. And the “rageful” title track, premiering exclusively below, is Lofgren’s tip of the hat to that material, which helped inspire his first new studio album in eight years. – to read the full article appeared on Billboard, click here

“I didn’t know what I was gonna call the record, but I knew that these six Lou Reed songs had to be on it,” Lofgren — who recorded Blue With Lou at home in Arizona, mostly live with a core trio of himself, drummer Andy Newmark and bassist Kevin McCormick — tells Billboard. He started working up the “Blue For Lou” track during sound checks, while touring in Australia with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band during early 2017. “I kept playing with it through a couple weeks, on my own and thought, ‘Man, one day I’ve got to do something with that’,” Lofgren recalls.

Lofgren adds that the track, which also features guest vocals by Cindy Mizelle, is “kind of my vision of what Lou meant to me. He was a big proponent of all art and its ability to heal us and to make you think and disturb you and seek solutions. The song is kind of a rageful thing but solution-based in the sense of ‘I want to get out of my own way let my crazy come through,’ but headed towards something better than we’re in. It’s a lot of the things I think Lou conveyed in his music.”

The two wrote the 13 songs during an initial session together at Reed’s apartment in New York, with some ending up on each of their albums — notably “City Lights” on Reed’s The Bells in 1979, which Lofgren re-recorded for Blue With Lou.




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