Ozzy Osbourne says he felt ‘peaceful’ as he recalls moment he tried to kill wife Sharon


Ozzy Osbourne has spoken out about the moment he tried to kill his wife Sharon in 1989. ‘I don’t want to be found dead in a hotel room’.

The Black Sabbath star had taken drugs and attempted to choke his wife, before being arrested for her attempted murder. He woke up in jail, having no memory of the incident. Speaking in a new documentary, The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne, the rockstar said of the incident (according to The Sun):

‘I felt the calmest I had ever felt in my life. I was just peaceful. It’s not exactly one of my greatest achievements.’ He added: ‘All I remember is waking up in Amersham jail and I asked the cop, “Why am I here?” And he says,

“You want me to read your charge?” So he read, “John Michael Osbourne, you have been arrested for attempted murder.”‘

After the arrest, Ozzy spent six months in rehabilitation, and Sharon decided to stay with him, especially for the sake of their children – Kelly, Jack, and Aimee. Sharon added: ‘Thank God the judge put him in treatment for six months. I had time to really think about what he should do. I told him, “I don’t want the money but if you do this again, either I am going to kill you or you are going to kill me. And do you want that for the kids?”‘

‘I don’t want to be found dead in a hotel room’.


“I mean, I have grandchildren now and I’m over  70 years old and I don’t want to be found dead in a hotel room somewhere. I’m going to do it at a more leisurely pace and do some shows in Vegas … but I’ll never stop.

“The whole lifestyle I have lived, it has all come down to the fact that there are people who want to hear me and as long as they want to hear me, I’m there.”

The Black Sabbath star sports several inkings across his body, but speaking on his Boneyard Channel station on U.S. radio, Ozzy revealed he refuses to ever get inked on the face or head as he believes it makes people look ‘dirty’. (music-news)

“I would never do that,” the 72-year-old, who is battling Parkinson’s disease, explained.

“Anything above the collar should be stopped. To be honest it makes you look dirty,” he opined.

Ozzy went on to share that he now he feels more pain than ever when going under the needle, and confessed he had to ditch plans to get a full sleeve tattoo on his arm.

“They reckon that as you get older it hurts more. When I started getting this f**king sleeve I was like I am too old, stop,” the husband of TV personality and music manager Sharon Osbourne admitted.

The pain came as a surprise for the rocker.

“I was 50-something and I was like what the f**k are you doing,” Ozzy exclaimed: “When he got (to) my elbows I was like what are you doing? What are you paying this f**king a**ehole to do?”

Osbourne, who turned 72 , says that the shows aren’t actually a farewell tour at all. “People have gotten that all wrong,” he said. “The tour should have been the Ozzy Osbourne ‘Slowing Down Tour’.”

The Black Sabbath legend will be performing over here for one last time next year with Judas Priest in tow, hitting Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham and London in February.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have had two successful music careers,” Ozzy says. “I’m looking at this final tour as being a huge celebration for my fans and anyone who has enjoyed my music over the past five decades.”



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