Pattie Boyd to release new book next year


A book described as an “extraordinary visual memoir” is coming from perhaps the most famous muse Pattie Boyd.

Pattie Boyd: My Life Through a Lens, is being published April 7, 2020, via Simon and Schuster’s Insight Editions imprint.

It’s available for pre-order here

Boyd  has spoken about a new documentary film about Clapton, which reveals details of her relationships with the two rock rivals.

Despite she and Clapton having no relationship today, she did participate in the upcoming officially sanctioned Showtime documentary, Eric Clapton: Life In 12 Bars, which she described as “a brutally honest portrayal of someone in pain.”


Boyd — who married third husband, property developer Rod Weston in 2015 — spoke about the doc, saying: “I think he’s brave to have done it. It showed me so many of Eric’s problems stemmed from his childhood and how unbearably cruel his mother was.”


In an interview with The Times magazine today Pattie, now 73 and married to her third husband Rod Weston, is asked who was the love of her life.

She replied: “I think George. He was always very loving.” “Even after we split he was always my friend. We’d still speak on the phone.“And he came to see me before he died. If you love somebody you do that. And I think he always loved me.”She is less flattering about Erid though, saying: “Eric loves himself. I don’t think there’s much room for me.”


Miss Boyd said she felt ‘neglected’ by Harrison when she left him after eight years of marriage but also tremendous guilt for walking out.

She has revealed that she recently rediscovered a message sent to her by the Beatle to clear the air.

Harrison wrote the note while he was on tour in 1976 – some two years after their relationship broke down.Although the world was instantly aware that Boyd has left Harrison for Clapton, it was actually another 1973 affair that truly shook the core of their marriage. George Harrison started a brief, but torrid affair with Ringo Starr‘s wife — and the mother of his three children — Maureen Starkey, with the relationship pretty much signaling the end of both the former Beatle’s marriages.






  1. Phillip Anderson on

    When she talks about Eric’s ” cruel mother” I am not sure if she means Eric’s real biological mother whom Eric thought was his sister, or their mother who Eric thought was his mother.

  2. George was always said to be the quite one. Not so much! He was secretly into wife Swapping! Even as a Beatle with Ringos then wife Maureen. One Beatle did not care for Georges lifestyle too much & that was John. Georges Swapping life did create a rift between John & George till George finally did stop.

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