Paul McCartney, Nick Mason and more for Henry McCullough tribute


Paul McCartney, Nick Mason and more team up for Henry McCullough tribute song ‘Live Long Rock ‘n’ Roll’ co written and produced by internationally acclaimed Irish songwriter Don Mescall

Paul McCartney has contributed to a new Henry McCullough tribute single.(Clashmusic)

The highly experienced Irish musician passed away in 2016, following a lengthy career that included a vital contribution to Wings.

A tribute single has been arranged to salute his memory, and it features an all-star cast of musicians.

Co-written by Henry himself alongside Don Mescall, ‘Live Long Rock ‘n’ Roll’ was pieced together by a cast that includes Procal Harum’s Gary Brooker, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, legendary guitarist Albert Lee, and more.

Given his Wings association, the team working on the single reached out to Paul McCartney for a bass line – and he happily obliged.

Don Mescall told Hot Press magazine: “Everyone told me I was crazy and I’d never get him. But a week or two later, word got back to me from Macca that he loved the song and he really wanted to play on it.”

Drums), legendary English musician Chris Stainton (Keyboards), internationally acclaimed Irish songwriter Don Mescall (Acoustic Guitars), renowned guitarist Albert Lee (Electric Guitars), diverse English musician Paul Carrack & Irish legend Paul Brady (Backing Vocals), and The London Community Gospel Choir (Additional backing vocals).




Don Mescall, who was a close friend of Henry’s and a long-standing Irish musician, to talk about the making of the song.


“I was introduced to Henry by a friend of ours called Kevin Nolan back in the late ’90s,” Don told us. “It was just one of those situations where we got on instantly. I think Henry had just become aware of my songwriting and we had an instant connection over Woodstock. Henry was the only Irish man to play Woodstock, and I’d just started working with the protest singer Richie Havens – who opened Woodstock. So that opened the door for us becoming friends.

“I think then in the late ’90s, he came to London for some recording. I invited him over and he stayed with me and my ex-wife and we had a great night of music and stories. We just hit it off. He was one of these charismatic, gentle, funny people. Unbelievably talented – beyond comprehension really. If you listen to his solo in McCartney’s ‘My Love’ – that’s a God-given moment alone. You could go to Berkeley for 15 years of your life and you ain’t gonna learn that.



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