How Paul McCartney got annoyed related with Yoko Ono


Paul: It’s easy to believe there would be some real antagonism there

You can imagine the relationship got off to a rocky start. Cynthia Lennon, John’s first wife, was a friend of the Beatles and had known them since before their Cavern Club days. Source Herepaul

Paul’s former girlfriend was a housemate of Cyn’s and they used to spend a lot of time together.

Cyn was more than just their friend’s wife, she was a member of the Beatle’s inner circle and the mother of a boy they all felt fond of (Hey Jude was written by Paul for Julian).

McCartney said that George Harrison walked out because he couldn’t get on with Yoko. Allen Klein later told Paul that “The real trouble was Yoko. She’s the one with ambitions”. On Lennon Paul said “ He must accept that Ringo left and returned, George went and later came back, John left and has never returned.

She had been part of their lives for 10 years when she came home early from a holiday and found Yoko in her house wearing her bathrobe. Yoko was the woman who broke up John’s marriage and the two of them treated Cynthia appallingly from then on.

The relationship didn’t develop well from there. For years prior to John’s relationship with Yoko, the studios at Abbey Road were a sacred space. I  

t was a place for John, Paul, George and Ringo to make their magic with George Martin. Even Brian Epstein talked about how he felt out of place when he entered.

None of the other Beatle wives or girfriends spent any time in the studio but suddenly Yoko felt it was her right to be there (fully supported by John).

She not only felt the need to be there, she felt she had a right to make musical contributions and even had a bed brought in at one point when she was feeling unwell.

As for their studio tussles, McCartney alleges that: “Lennon was no longer interested “in the performance of songs which he had not written himself.” Lennon responds: “Paul was guilty of this for years”.

Imagine how you’d feel if your work colleague’s spouse started turning up to your work place and giving their opinion on what you doing, despite having no aptitude or talent for what you were doing? Imagine the work place was rearranged to accommodate her? How would you feel?

After the Beatles break up there was a really ugly period of antagonism between Paul and John. They sniped at each other in song and in interviews and were generally unpleasant to each other whenever possible. Yoko was by John’s side in this era agreeing with everything he did.

While Paul and John were able to return to civil conversation in the years just before his death, Paul never had the history of friendship with Yoko to fall back on. It’s easy to imagine he still harboured a lot of resentment for her.

In the years after John’s death, Paul has had to deal with the frustrations of Yoko’s ownership of John’s legacy. John and Paul’s partnership lasted for around 12 years and Yoko was only involved for the last few years of the Beatle’s life but Paul still required Yoko’s involvement in things that she had nothing to do with. When they were compiling the anthology series, Yoko had to be consulted about which tracks would be included.

She could determine which tracks from the Decca audition, which occurred years before she ever met John, would be made public. That must have annoyed Paul a lot.

Between April and August there were no meetings of the band. In the latter month, McCartney wrote to Lennon “suggesting that we should ‘let each other out of the trap’.” According to McCartney, Lennon replied by enclosing a photograph of himself and Yoko Ono with a balloon caption asking “‘How and Why?’.”McCartney responded, “‘How by signing a paper with says we hereby dissolve our partnership.Why because there is no partnership since Yoko came’.

It’s hard not to imagine Paul feels a large degree of resentment at the woman who broke up the marriage of his friends, caused problems in his workplace, was part of an extremely bitter feud and now claims equal authority over events that she had no part in.



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