Ringo Starr: “Is my last album. 10 track, that’s it. Last one.”-video


Legendary Beatles member Ringo Starr discusses the inspiration behind ‘Octopus’s Garden,’ a tune he sings on ‘Abbey Road.’ Starr also discusses his current recording process, why he wants his current album to be his last and stories from his new book.

Sir Ringo Starr is planning to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his All Starr Band in grand style.

“I do feel that that’s my last album. 10 track album, that’s it. Last one.”

The Beatles legend is hitting the road with fellow musicians Steve Lukather, Colin Hay, Gregg Rolie, Warren Ham, Gregg Bissonette and Hamish Stuart for a 2019 tour.

Also, Starr will receive the Humanitarian Award from the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF on “Giving Tuesday,” Nov. 27, 2019 at their annual Snowflake Ball in New York City.

Ringo Starr and the 2020 All Starr Band from Brent Car on Vimeo.


Tickets to the tour can be found here. The full itinerary is below, followed by an announcement video.

“It’s about changing one second so that people think peace and love, it’s something I learned from the Maharishi,” Starr writes in the new book. “If you do something for good, the trees, the grass, the whole planet will support you — you’re always loved. I live in that world.”

Recently other livin legend Sir Paul McCartney spoke about remaking film Let It Be.

The Beatles’ movie Let It Be captured the band as it disintegrated into four solo careers.

Click Play first  (is not an automatic start) and then the square arrows to enlarge – film is powered by Videa  BEATLES -1969- Let it be (35mm 16:9 stereo)

This may be one of the reasons the documentary is only available on old formats and is now something of a collector’s item. That may all change soon according to Paul McCartney, who told a Canadian radio station the Beatles film may hit DVD and Blu-ray in 2020 in time for its 50th anniversary. But there’s a twist. It won’t be the original film. according with starr

“I think there may be a new version of it,” McCartney told Yannick Tremblay during an interview for Canada’s Radio X. “That is kind of the latest gossip.”

I tell you why I think it’s gonna happen. I think there may be a new version of it. Ok, that is kind of the latest gossip. Because there’s a lot of footage and the original movie came out and it was really… sort of… about the break-up of The Beatles.

And so for me, it was a little sad, the movie. But I know people are looking at the footage; there’s about 56 hours of footage.



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