Robbie Williams’ mocks Jimmy Page Blasting Black Sabbath Music


By playing rival rock music through outside loudspeakers’ claims local on Jimmy’s birthday (most of all Black Sabbath)

Robbie Williams said to have mocked Jimmy Page by dressing up as Robert Plant 
Page and Williams locked in a bitter dispute over Williams’ proposed extension
The Take That star wants to build a 30ft subterranean swimming pool and gym
Led Zeppelin star Page fearful the extension may damage his Grade I listed home

Robbie Williams has mocked Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page by dressing up as his bandmate Robert Plant and playing rival rock music outside his neighbour’s home, according to reports.

Williams was given planning permission for a subterranean extension to build a gym and 30ft swimming pool at his £17.5million Grade II listed property.Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams have been next door neighbours since 2013

Page, 75, had fought against the ruling and claimed it would damage his own Grade I listed home and mosaics.

In a letter to Kensington and Chelsea borough, Johnny claimed Williams had been ‘imitating’ Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant by wearing a long wig and stuffing a shirt up his pillow to imitate a beer belly.

The Angel singer has been playing hits by Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple outside on speakers when he sees Page, according to comments submitted to the council.

Robbie Williams ignores Led Zepplin legend Jimmy Page’s olive branch after five-year row over former Take That star’s proposed £17m mansion

After five tumultuous years, Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page has extended an olive branch to his London neighbour, singer-songwriter Robbie Williams. By SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE FOR THE DAILY MAIL

 The pair have been at loggerheads over Williams’s building plans for his £17 million, 46-room mansion which have left Page fearing that his own residence, the Grade I-listed Tower House, would suffer collateral damage.

What’s [sic]been most annoying is that Mr Williams has played rock arch rival bands Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.

‘He obviously knows this upsets Mr Jimmy




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