Robert Plant on Zeppelin: “I can’t go out there and fake it”


Jason Bonham Reveals What Robert Plant Told Him When He Asked if Led Zeppelin Was Going to Reunite
The drummer says he thought the band was going to do more than just a single reunion show back in 2007.

Jason Bonham tells Billboard that “Robert’s true reason is a lot deeper,” but also more clear-cut, than many realize and discussed the idea of a hologram of his father.zeppelin

“We did six weeks’ rehearsal for one show, so I was thinking we must be doing more,” Bonham says. But after joining Plant for a soccer game in England, the drummer found out that would not be the case.

“On the way back I said [to Plant], ‘I’ve got to ask you… are we gonna get the band back together?'” Bonham recalls. “And he said, ‘I loved your dad way too much. It’s not disrespect to you; You know the stuff better than all of us, and no one else who is alive can play it like you. But it’s not the same. I can’t go out there and fake it. I can’t be a jukebox. I can’t go out there and try to do it that way.”

“He told me, ‘When your father left us, left the world, that was it for Led Zeppelin. We couldn’t do what The Who did. It was too vital.’

“And I got it. I was absolutely fine with that. My dad and Robert, they’d known each other since they were, like, 15. It was a lot deeper for [Plant]. So I was OK with it.

“It was a great time, and to end it the way it did, with that great concert, was for the best. [Plant] said, ‘We needed to do one more great concert, and then maybe put it to rest.'”

During a recent appearance on the Eddie Trunk Podcast, Jason Bonham – the musician son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham – discussed the idea of a hologram of his father.

“I’d love to try it and do something in that way – that would be an amazing way to honor him.”
There are millions of Zeppelin tributes out there, but your band is way beyond that. Obviously, the personal connection with your dad which you interject into the show with some videos and stuff… You told me a couple weeks ago that you found some new footage that you’re going to bring out?
“YWhat we have done is we’ve gone back through a lot of the stuff that I have that I haven’t used, completely put it through the high-def machine, and refined everything.

“The new ‘Moby Dick ‘is off the charts, and I hope at one point that we’re going to be able to hand out goggles, like three-dimensional things you can put on and literally be a part of seeing me play, but also you’ll see in front of you me playing and watching the screen where my father’s playing.



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