Bernie Taupin: Elton John and the new “Jewel Box”


Taupin spent the period of isolation working on the Elton: Jewel Box set and writing the lyrics for the musician’s next record.

I spoke to Elton recently. He told me that at first he was restless, but that over time he got used to life at the time of Covid. He seemed happy to be home with his kids and not on tour.
He keeps busy. It has a lot of projects. But I miss it. I would like to meet him. We talk regularly. We don’t usually see each other in person that much, but certainly more than now.

I’m enjoying the box set, it’s amazing to be able to listen to 70 unreleased songs …
Yes. The thing I’m most proud of is the design, it’s incredible. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful box sets I have ever seen. It is extraordinary and gives you so much information about the material.”

I thought they would be embarrassing for their naivety, especially the very first pieces. In short, at the time I did not know how to write: I pretended I could write. I had no idea how a song was built. Verse / chorus / bridge were too serious terms for me. I just put things in black and white. I wrote in free form, passing from the imagination directly to the sheet. I gradually found my own style. At first I imitated others, sneaking from the hits that went. They weren’t plagiarism, they were attempts to get into the business.”

Taupin, who is responsible for lyrics to hits like Rocket Man, Your Song and Tiny Dancer, tells Rolling Stone the hitmaker planned to work on new music during downtime on his recent tour of Australia and New Zealand.(

“I did send him probably close to 16 or 18 things when he was in Australia,” explained the lyricist.

“The original plan was that he was going to write when he was in Australia because he had so much free time down there because he was going to stay there for the duration of the Australian and New Zealand tour,” he went on.

“(Elton) felt that he wanted to write… (But) that didn’t happen,” he added.

“But he still has the work that I’ve done. I’m very, very proud of it. I think it’s very, very special,” Taupin shared.

“When he does decide to put digits to piano, I think we might come up with something very special. Being that he’s not going to hit the road potentially until the end of next year, that gives him plenty of time,” he contemplated.

Elton hasn’t released new music since his 2016 hit record Wonderful Crazy Night – his 30th studio album – which charted worldwide and spawned the hit single Looking Up.

Taupin added: “I would love to see him start to do some work. As I say, I continually encourage him to do so. How we would do it, I’m not sure. I’ve got some ideas in my head that he might be interested in. But I really, really would love to get back on track and back in the game.”

Elton John: “If I had to do other concerts, I wouldn’t sing the big hits” I’m lucky to have had such a long career, which still continues thanks to the songs we wrote together. There are too many and obviously in concert – ask Mick Jagger – if you don’t play them people will get pissed. But if you do the new pieces, the audience goes to the bathroom.

The revered singer-songwriter, was forced to postpone his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is scheduled to resume in Berlin in September 2021.





“While the scientists are making great progress, we are making big plans for a return to touring that will allow us to ensure the health and safety of everyone.”The final date on the tour is January 28, 2023 in Auckland, New Zealand. That was rescheduled from January 2021.

Elton shared a message announcing the new dates for the US leg of the tour, he will be back on stage in North America in January 2022, kicking off in New Orleans.He said: “I’ve been enjoying my time at home with my family while the world navigates its way through the Covid pandemic. But, I really miss being on the road and performing for my beloved fans on my Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.



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